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    Can you win a gun fight or get a fair one consistently?

      I am no beast player, i am not even good. i have a 1.92 k/d/6.03 winloss on blackops 1, 1.65/4.00winloss on mw3, and a 1.65/4.00winloss on blackops 2. I can't get into a fair gunfight. I play in parties but not all the time just when its convient like 2 man parties and sometimes full partys.

      I have 30 download and 9 upload with 11 ping(I don't know about it)


      I feel like I can't get in a fair gun fight. I shoot first every time and the enemy no matter if we are using the same gun he out guns the hell out of me when he is suppose to be dead. I just don't get it. I've shoot people 1st countless times and they just eat 10-15 shots and shot me like 2-3 times and i am finished.


      Does this happen to you?Its really fustrating.


      I am 3rd prestige but I am about done with this game I like it but it really fustrating dying to people who should be dead its like my shots aren't registering.

      And then you always get jumped another thing is when you shoot down uavs people sprint to you so fast that while you are shooting it down they kill you.

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