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    Have you seen the swarm yet?

      If you havent got the swarm and dogs yet I put this video up just to show how unbelievably lethal they are. I put them on after I unlocked ghost to check them out and man they're cool. But they're not easy to get thats for sure. The kill feed was ridiculous.


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          Re: Have you seen the swarm yet?

          I thought they'd be harder to get than the MOAB, but they're not.  They're kind of easy to get actually.  You just need to do VSAT, K9, Swarm and once you get to your VSAT it's almost guaranteed you will finish it off....all the Assist score, plus you know their direction and position.  Pretty much takes you to the dogs, then to the Swarm.


          I got 6 in the last 24 hours, either VSAT/Dogs/Swarm or VSAT/Warthog/Swarm.  Never got that many MOABs in that short a time before.  And I died a couple kills shy of a Double Swarm, and I never got a Double MOAB in MW3


          I also wish the Swarm made a badass sound, the Warthog just sounds scary, probably my fave and I replaced K9 with it.  Love how the swarm takes out their UAV's.


          Nice game btw.

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              Re: Have you seen the swarm yet?

              Thanks, yeah the warthog does sound scary haha.

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                Re: Have you seen the swarm yet?

                WOW... thats frikking amazing!!! NOT... its morons like you that ruin the game for players like me that actually play domination for the objective, you know? the way its meant to be played...


                am i blind or did that say "ROUND LOSS" at the end?...


                Go get a swarm KS in TDM then i might be inpressed..

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                    Re: Have you seen the swarm yet?

                    Actually I always play the objective. I just wanted to get them fast for the first time. You've never lost a round of domination I take it? I only joined the game halfway through. Also, im not here to fuckin impress morons like you.

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                      Re: Have you seen the swarm yet?

                      What Fingolfin said.  I'll try to explain this to you in a civil manner.  As you move from novice lobbies into lobbies populated with higher skilled players, you'll notice the metagame of Domination changing.  Obviously there are variations, and nothing is written in stone, but this is generally how a Domination team will be set up in a 6v6 scenario.


                      1 "defender" that holds a little back and defends the objective / keeps his sights pointed down the busiest path to your objective.


                      2 "attackers" whose primary job is to go around as a pair, capping the LEAST defended objective.  This sounds like your type, "players like you that play the objective."


                      Finally, 3 "slayers" whose entire job is to mostly ignore flags, and focus entirely on killing as many of the opposing team as possible, as often as possible.  After all, if you're dead, you can't capture an objective.


                      The defender takes defensive kill streaks, UAV / Guardian / C-UAV, for instance, to support defense.


                      The attackers take lower offensive killstreaks.  UAV / Hellfire / Light Strike for example, to aid in clearing groups of enemies from the objective you're trying to take.


                      Finally, the slayers take the big-daddy kill streaks.  VSAT / Dogs / Swarm, UAV / VSAT / Swarm, etc etc - Their ENTIRE job is to not die, and to keep racking up those enormous killstreak bonuses. 


                      Now, I didn't watch the video, because I've gotten my own dogs and Swarm, BUT I'd be willing to bet he was playing the role of a slayer.  So yeah, I guess his team lost, but that doesn't mean he's "ruining the game."

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                    Re: Have you seen the swarm yet?

                    SMG means its not legit.

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