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    The NEW and IMPROVED MP7?

      MP7 was the most used gun in MW3 for its low recoil (Low- ZERO) and stupid range.. now we have the MP7 in BO2 which is EXACTLY the same.. stupidly OP at range for a SMG...


      Then you have the PDW-57... this gun just takes the piss on soo many levles.. EVERYONE is using it.. its that common 7/10 guns i see on the floor from fallen foes is either a MP7 or PDW... i know this game is catered for so called "pro gamers" that have to have cirtain rules in MLG or otherwise they cry to thier rents.. but seriously? why are these guns still soo OP?


      the FMG's in MW3 were horrificly OP and it took them..well still is taking them over a year to Nerf .. hope to god this wont be the case with the PDW..