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    Australian Clan "TwistedGamingAu" (TGAU) Few spots left - Black Ops 2 (Ps3)

      Edited (20/11/12)


      "TwistedGamingAu" (TGAU) Formely known as "Twisted Insides" (~T|~)


      Starting to make changes to the clan. Biggest changes was the Clan name and title. Clan tag would'nt work on Black Ops 2 so we had to change it.


      Note: Room in the clan is getting smaller and smaller. Only the dedicated applicants will be accepted. Don't want the right people to miss out.



      - We are looking for members who play the objective but don't worry all to much about their K/D, but still half decent.


      - Need to be living in Australia/New Zealand to apply for clan (Helps out with lag issues whilst playing)


      - Don't want hardcore, full-on players. We are a chilled clan, we play for fun but still keep the enemy on their toes.


      - We want active memberswho can participate in ranking up the clan(not a big drama if you miss any Challenges/Ops though)


      - Age limit: 15     Makes the clan feel more mature, no squeekers.


      Feel free to apply if you meet the requirements and i hope to be meeting some new people


      To Join:


      Please log into elite first then go to this link and hit apply https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/179250