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    Lag Compensation difference in MW3/BLOPS2?

      Has anyone on here had major Lag Compensation on Black Ops 2 but didn't suffer any on MW3? Because on MW3 I had no issues in the fact that I never had to "look-into" what Lag Compensation was until now.


      I started playing Black Ops 2 and have maybe one decent game in ten when I'm lucky to go 20 - 8 in TDM (I'm assuming thats because I was in a room where all the players had equal internet which equals A Level Playing Field??), whereas in MW3 it used to happen far more often.  All the other games I'm lucky to scrape an even K/D ratio.


      After reading around ppl are saying that MW3/BLOPS2 Lag Compensation are both bad, but why would I only be suffering with BLOPS2?  Are there different frame works in place or are Trey/Infinity using the same netcode??

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