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    Fast link?

      I don't know how better to put this, but I feel that these forums should have an option that I can click to go straight to a Dev's or Moderators response to a thread.


      If there's a hot topic like "HC Needs more Game Modes" and a Dev or someone with any power and/or say responds, I wouldn't know unless I read each and every post...Why not have a link of the said person's name under or there abouts on the thread's either title or at the very first post a quote highlighted, or a link to the response.


      Make sense? Hope so, I'm pretty sleepy..






      p.s. Please reinstate my other account...

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          Re: Fast link?

          You can bookmark someone's profile and view their recent posts. There are some other options not in effect that Foxhound-Pro is looking at as well.


          Thanks for the suggestion.


          PS - Contact Foxhound-Pro about your other account.

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              Re: Fast link?

              So we can bookmark the Dev's? I don't even know all of their names.


              Mr. Foxhound and I have a difference of opinion. I've tried to be civil with him, but he refused to hear me out and so I emailed Activision among others about this and they've yet to respond either. It's been over 3 months now...


              I'll just have to de-link and re-link this account to my Xbox account I guess.

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