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    Camping tips, advice, and strategy?

      For all u wonderful campers out there who are not afraid to admit it post your camping tips and strategies here. I wanna know what classes you use and if you change them up map to map. Like run and gunning camping is a strategical way of playing COD games whether u people running around like a chicken with your head cut off want to admit it. Don't forget to mention your perks too and everything you roll with. I want this thread to be for people like me who found a new play style that thy love. Until yesterday I was a run and gunner. I've since went camper and have a lot to learn but am watching my stats climb and having a lot of fun. Give me some tips on good camping spots. Haters, just don't bother posting we know u hate us, but we love killing u and hearing u yell "******* campers!".