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    If you see Version # 20.0.-1.1452910

      My version number was Version # 20.0.-1.1452910 then it changed to a working version number I dont remember the number because I was excited to see that I could log on to multiplayer went straight to the lobby played for 10 min got hacked for 1 hour then wake up this morning back to the glorious Version # 20.0.-1.1452910 when i have this version up my game displays these stats. If you see this version number you will not connect because it is a redirect to a server that does not work. BAD PATCH worked great prior to the patch.


      Version #27[ 20.0.-1.1452910]


      NAT Type Open


      Bandwidth 0 Kbps


      IP Address = Not Available


      Geo Region = Not available


      My location Is Indiana and we have had access to this online multiplayer for only a few hours since launch.