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    Wii Mote or CCP?

      For those who are playing which is better or do you prefer. Coming from xbox i would like to try a new take as well as see if i can do work on the wii mote users . Btw how do the textures look. Having BO2 on PS3, 360 and PC i have to say the PS3 had weak textures, unless it was the tv but I doubt that. Any ways hope you guys are enjoying the game. I for I'm enjoying it on 360 the most and i will not go further than 55 becuase Wii U will be my new main Bo2 system!! Happy gaming guys see you online as soon as gamestop opens 11 pst /sigh. Should have gone walmart!!! ><

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          Wii U graphics look absolutely amazing to us (mainly because we have had the worst graphics out of all the consoles since 2008 )


          I'll use Wiimote and the Gamepad every now and then. Motion controls ftw

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              To me, they look like MS paint. Maybe I'm used to graphics looking a bit better.....but it does't matter, i'm sure my eyes will get used to it...


              Edit: by the graphics looking like MS paint, I mean all the versions, not just the Wii U version. CoD isn't exactly the best looking game out there.

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                  oh padiego, come on...say something positive...you know you want to...lol

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                      The CCP is overpowered but over all, people have been saying it handles better than the Xbox version(which says a lot, those guys are pampered!).

                      Also, the 60fps+wii mote seems to have given people orgasmic experiences. My eyes can barely notice the difference between 30FPS and 60FPS, but if I had to choose....it would be 60fps. Its runs much smoother and that's what I keep saying when I play on xbox


                      "hey diego, pass the controller already, you died twice, its my turn"


                      "BUT IT RUNS SO SMOOTH.....MY PRECIOUS"


                      Plus the controller is pretty awesome, it almost makes up for the fact that the game is playing for me when I use analogs.


                      Did I mention I love wii mote?


                      Also, I heard the wii U gamePADiego(HAHAHA....what's wrong with me...) is comfortable.....I held it in my hands before and yeah, it fits on your hands. Doesn't feel so awkward.


                      What else...I heard BO2 has cookies. Yum.

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                    I've been using the CCP. The gamepad feels weird for FPS games.