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    "This game......................."

      I was just wondering, if this game, as well as the other CoDs, are soooooo bad and there's soooooo many people b!tching about them then why don't they get there money back or trade it in? I undestand the frustartion but let's get real. We are in the first stages of the release there's so many people complaining it's stupid. I know there will be people jumping on here saying some BS like, "That's what the forums are for", NO, you are wrong. IW and Treyarc doesn't give two sh!ts about the forums, it's all about the twitter. and I;m pretty sure they have a customer support/help page as well. So people just need to keep that in mind.

      Lastly, after the patch, I've had no problems aside from the small amount of lag and that's to be expected.


      So, word of advise, get your money back or trade it in if you're not happy with the game. That just means more kills for me.

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          Re: "This game......................."

          whining about whiners... this makes my head hurt

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            Re: "This game......................."

            It's not that people don't like the game, it's that a lot of people are finding it unplayable.


            For you there may be a small amount of lag but for others it's such an amount that it makes a huge difference between winning and losing a gunfight. How would you feel if you felt you lost in a situation that you usually win 9 out of 10 times? You then watch the killcam and it's completely different to what happened on you screen? It's impossible to do well!


            The answer isn't returning the game. I want the game, I just want it to be evenly matched when I play!


            I could forgive them if this was their first game but these issues weren't there for Blops 1. The saying is 'if it isn't broke then don't fix it', unfortunately they have done just that.


            There are people who are not even able to play the game, should they take the most anticipated game of the year for the reason they can't get on the server? They shouldn't have to answer that question, it should be a case of whether they like the game or not.


            They are also well aware of the problems and they will do what they can to fix it, otherwise they face a lot of negative press etc.

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                Re: "This game......................."

                Oh, don't get me wrong, I understand that people are mad due to the quality they are getting, all I'm saying is that they need to flood the twitter and support pages. And as far as the problems of a new game, CoD has always had problems the first week or so of release. I've been playing since the first CoD and it's been like this from the beginning.

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