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    Playstation 3 Clan: 1337 LAB! Brand New Clan with Remarkable Players Now Recruiting!

      We are a new clan that is very active and participates in EVERY clan op. We currently have 9 members of which 7 are premium, we are currently level 2 and are growing really fast. We don't have immature 6 year olds, everyone here knows what is expected of them, and goes absolutely beast mode in every game we play. Joining us is a decision you will not regret. We will always invite you to our parties, we will always win, and in 90% of our games one of our players gets a M.O.A.B.!!!




      For Premium/Founder Players:


      At Least 1.00 K/D


      For Non-Premium Players:


      At Least 1.5 K/D


      In our clan, we do many things and always have full parties going on and we are considerate of everyone.


      Sometimes we may be serious, and sometimes we might just play around.


      We already have a network on Youtube that is starting to grow as well.



      To join Reply to this post with your PSN ID, whether your premium or not, and your kill to death ratio.