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        10. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

        uav's are far too powerful and overused, not a fair ratio, say your playing search, enemy uav inbound, ive just ran around the whole map to plant the bomb, someones waiting aimed in around a corner for me, want to get rid of campers treyarch? youve just created a new breed of them

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          11. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

          They should of made UAV a 4 or 5 Killstreak, and got rid of Ghost.

          Then only team players would use UAV, which would be fine by me.

          The problem lyes with map design.

          Take a map like Afgahn from MW2.

          You did not need a UAV, you already knew where the other team was.

          Even ScrapYard you could see where the other team was.

          Big maps are for shooting, small maps are for rushing the formula worked.

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            12. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

            UAV is fine as it is.


            In other CoD games people where complaining that Ghost was to powerfull and people where not showing up on the radar. So they fixed that and now this is the problem?


            UAV's are getting spammed right now because

            1. People are still getting used to the game, why would I select a higher KS that I can not get?

            2. UAV's have always been populair, but  you didn't notice because you where just running ghost so didn't pay attention.


            You can easely counter UAV's, you have a Counter UAV and a rockets to shoot it down.

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              13. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

              Or you can stop camping and learn to adapt if you campers get your way again I will make sure I never buy Call of Duty again sick and tired of Call of Duty being ruined by campers cause they don't know how to adapt. Also I went 32-1 without Assassin or Ghost so what is your excuse? Cause I know damn well this post has nothing to do with being stealthy or something "overpowered" this is just a post for cry baby campers who don't know how to adapt also I have never needed Ghost or Assassin to snipe and I rarely quickscope so there goes your logic when it all comes down to it you don't know how adapt and just want the game to be easy for you cause you only know how to do is camp. Learn to adapt and get good damn sucks when the shoe is on the other foot doesn't it?

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                14. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                True.  But don't moan that snipers run and gun.  I used LMGs in COD4 and MW3 but I figure I'm better off with other guns in this game mode.

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                  15. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                  I disagree, Adam. I am a run and gunner, but I value the right of snipers to camp out and pick people off. I don't cry about it if I keep getting capped by a hidden sniper.


                  The fact that the new Ghost is forcing snipers to move is ridiculous. Go read about what snipers do. They CAMP!!!! That is what they are SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!!!


                  Trying to ferret out a hidden sniper is one of the best parts of the game. Without that, all we have is crybaby runners like you running around like maniacs with the only skill being that you have quick reflexes. Big whoop.

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                    16. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                    just do what i do... spam SMAW or the other one... I am just using SMAW right now... You get points for shooting the **** out of the sky and problem solved! Ghost is stupid now.. I used it back in COD4 ... back when everyone didn't know what it was for some stupid reason... everyone preferred Stopping Power. Something which definitely helped balance some of the weapons out...

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                      17. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                      Everyones always stop using ghost to camp... that's not my point as I don't camp and I'm not asking for it to be changed to not show you while you're sitting still, I just want the perk to do what it says it should do and hide me while im moving whether it be crouched or prone

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                        18. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance



                        like i said, they might as well make guns only work when you sprint as well. same thing, except it would piss off the ragers

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                          19. Re: UAV/Ghost and the serious imbalance

                          I love these "learn how to adapt" comments. They always come from the "tru sKiLLz" alleged rushers.


                          To begin with, if the debate were merely about "learning to adapt," then there would be no debate because all the anti-Ghost players would have adapted to Ghost, Ghost campers, and Ghost rushers. But, you see, the anti-ghost people are incappable of adapting so now we have a debate.


                          But anyway, I digress.


                          Why not just take the UAV out of the game entirely? Not for BO2, of course, since now that it is out, it is in the game. But in the future, let's just do away with the UAV all together. Get rid of Ghost and all the other insta-radars that accompany it. Then we can get rid of Ghost, as well. That way no one can complain that people "rely" upon Ghost because then there will be no one relying upon their mini-maps.


                          I'd bet a lot of money that Ghost users would agree to remove ghost - so long as the UAV was removed entirely. You could still have a mini-map that lit up when someone fires a weapon. Silencers would be the only thing keeping you off the mini-map.


                          The UAV is a noob ksr anyway. Who can't put together 3 kills???

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