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    Theater mode is broken.

      Litterately every game is 3 minutes long or less. Rarely there is clips longe than that. You get something cool just to find out you can't retrive it. I think it has something to do with the host migrations or maybe its from the brilliant beta they released so when the "real game" comes out there isn't none of there bs bugs.
      Also there is no killcam in theater. Why?
      Also where is the option to snap to object which Vahn was talking about?

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          Well all I can say from first-time experience today is that my screen is stuck at when the bar is filled.


          I wonder if it stalled on me because of my controller (PS3, for the record); my controller is having battery issues or something, and because a playback in Theater mode will pause when I get the irritating "Maximum battery power has been reached," message, maybe it could've stopped the rendering process or something......but I don't know.


          I am really not looking forward to having to hard-reset my PS3 right now; I've had to do that from time to time this week and for some reason I've gotten more paranoid about having to do it frequently, considering the start-up message about "data corruption" and such.  Maybe that's why my controller is screwed up.


          As for "snapping to objects", though, you can do that in Zombies mode, where you can snap to a zombie in a clip.  Don't know about MP, though.  Anyway, I apologize for not being of much help.

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            yea theatre mode is screwed up. i had a 13-1 search and destroy game that i was gonna put up on my youtube but it didnt record at all, doesnt show up anywhere >:(

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              Having the same problem. Every game records for less than 3 minutes and half of them don't appear in my recent games at all. So far I've lost two triples, a quad feed and triple headshot feed. Is there a way of fixing this?

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                I'm lucky then, every game recorded 4.5 minutes and less, sometimes host migration will split a video into as many host migrations there was +1 so if you see 2 drone demolition but you know you played one, that's Cruz host migration.