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    Let's be honest, Black ops 2 is the greatest C.O.D so far

      I know there have to be a few peoples out there who agree with me,  Now it's not like i dont have my reasons for it being my favorite C.O.D



      One of the thing i liked the most so far is i dont have to worry about being sound whored across the map.  I always believed that's it was unfair that a person could pinpoint my location but couldn't even see me yet, that's take away the element of surprise.  Now in black ops 2  i can finally walk up behide a person and blow their brain out,  now for all the peoples complaining about how they cant hear footsteps (wah!) or they cant hear when someone behide him (wah!).  Are you kidding me seriously  why dont you just watch your back better and dont depending on sound to save your A**, don't get me wrong i use a PX3 turtle beach, but i mostly just use it for the enhance sound like guns,small like a  shell hitting the floor.



      I also like the maps, guns,   everything.  I can't believe how perfect this C.o.D is.  I'm sure later down on the road when the try hards find out the most OP weapon to use, things might get  on my nerve some.  Now something i'm to sure if im a fan of or not is how hard killstreak are to earn, now this is coming from a guy who used to get chopper and attacks dog almost every FFA in Black op 1,  Now i'm lucky to even get my care package lol.  I think i kinda like that because now it more of a challenge and it's keep me on my toes alot.  Now i heard peoples complaining about how many bullets it take to put someone down,  We all have admit  Black ops 2 is harder then any other C.O.D ( which is a great thing), you're aim have to be flawless,  you need to learn to back out of a gun fight if needed  ect. ect.........  Yeah you might of been the top dog in MW2, Black ops 2, or MW3  but black ops 2 is on a whole new difficult level in MP  so even if you was godly at MW3  you're just going be a normal player in Black op 2 until you learn and adapt to it.   Because this game is NOT noob friendly, like i started playing yesterday and i  was getting upset because i was getting wrecked and everything i do.  Now i'm on  i think a 12 win streak in FFA with a shotgun,  not only does black ops 2 take skills, tactis, aim  but most peoples used to depend on sound to get the advance  but now you need to depend on your own skills and reflexes and reaction and tactis.  Seriosuly i dont really think nothing is OP or under powered not even ghost, because i heard shotguns was going suck and i tear apart peoples with LMG,SMG,AR, even the same shotgun.



      The moral of this is:  No matter how good you was at the past C.O.D,  you need to get your own set of skills to make it in black ops 2,  dont use the most common weapon.  Because that weapon might not fit for who you are........... so ask yourself this "  Who is the soldier inside of you?"  and then you will find what work for you =]



      P.S  I love shock charges, sorry had to say it but them thing are good for about anything ^_^
























      Black ops 2 forever!