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    Why snipers don't like Treyarch's Call of Duty games.

      First off, I will say that I really enjoyed Black Ops and In my opinion it was one of the most balanced Call of Duty games ever released.

      this post is to criticize WaW and BL Ops 2.


      now to the subject at hand -


      Treyarch specifically engineers their maps to give "rushers" or "pushers" the upper hand by having one or two long range zones split by a labryinth of corners and medium distance zones.


      secondly in Black Ops 2 the SMGs and ARs all have impressive DPS and coupled with a quickdraw handle and stock the sniper will have no chance as they must be scoped in to make an accurate shot while a pusher can be aimed in while turning a corner and immediately zero in on you.


      Lastly Treyarch split what the stealth perk should be (MW2 version of Cold Blooded) into 3 different perks, and even if you use all of them you still are vulnerable to UAVs so you can't sit still and make an accurately aimed shot or you will be displayed to the enemy team.


      So, please Treyarch, inform me on how you think this is in any way a balanced game. You had it right in Black Ops and gave everyone an equal chance but how can you specifically make all of the maps small-medium sized and at the same time gimp stealth perks and the snipers chance to fight back at close range.