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    Are we waiting for a gamepatch or new uprade for drivers??

      Ive been waiting to play since 13nov and still nothing. When i started up the game the first time, i didnt notice that i was using the integrated grafics card. And becaus i always thought my pc would choose itself, i didnt thought to switch so i continued. Everything worked normal except the option setup i couldnt go all high settings on grafics. I started a multiplayer game and was waiting for loading screen to load. It took about 8 minute to load and everytime when it did, i get kicked from server with pop up "disconnected from server". I tried it few times then looked up on some forum. found some awnsers switching from integrated to powerful Nvidia grafics card. So i did and when i started the game with my Nvidia card it gets stuck on the very first screen. Some people say to upgrade Nvidia to beta 310.54 but most the time it wont work. So i decided not to upgrade and stay on 306.97.


      So when i use my integrated grafics card i cant get high video settings and get long loading time.

      When i use my nvidia grafics card i get stuck on very first screen everytime.


      Here are my specs : LAPTOP MSI GT70

                                          CPU: Intel i7-3610QM

                                          VGA: Intel HD 4000 / Nvidia Geforce GTX 670M

                                          RAM: 16GB

                                          with 2x64gb SSD on RAID 0 and 750gb HDD


      Are there other people also having this specific problem?

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