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    What compels you to stay with MW3?

      For me, the only place I could order Blops 2 from was target and they take their sweet time.

      What about you?

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          I was initially excited about Black Ops 2.. and then they started releasing information, followed by videos, and then gameplay, and I realized that the game wasn't geared toward anything but the "instant gratification" crowd and Youtube Personalities. Combined with the lack of a Public Beta, and no Dedicated Servers for console, and I simply figured it wasn't worth the headache that the game would cause.


          So, I'll just stick with MW3 for a while until a new game comes around that I like. "Beyond: Two Souls" is coming in a while, and that game looks really fun.

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            Right now BO2 is sucking eggs, worse lag, cant keep a party together, freeze ups, crappy sound, ...yada yada yada...lol

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              Hmm... i was about to post this myself.

              I dropped BO2 for a moment, because Treyarch fools PC community about the truth of Dedicated Severs, Very Bad Lag Compensation, SMG Hip-Fire OP (Everybody Hip-Fire in that god damn game), Gun Balance are off the chart...

              I dont know why i still held my hope for Treyarch and still pre-ordered it... I played it far less than i played MW3 in the first 2 weeks. Every games feel like i play it under pressure and just want the match to end.

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                I might be reading too much into the question, but honestly I have a hard time trying to justify all the weird mishaps that MW3 keeps throwing at me.


                Lag and lag compensation, for starters. It gets to a point where anytime I make a nice clean kill I have to remind myself that I didn't really do anything respectable, that was just the system having finally cut me a little slack. And the spawns, oh lord the spawns. At any time, anyone can (and likely will) spontaneously appear on your flanks. Take more than two consecutive nanoseconds to do any given task and you'll find yourself being hit from multiple directions. Its factors like these that really make you question whether or not the multiplayer can even be taken seriously. When the player's input becomes irrelevant, how can anyone call it a game in the first place?


                That leads to another thing that really bugs me- COD has always made its sales pitch that you the player have so much control over the situation. You can customize your weapon, your perks, your streaks, etc. That implies that the choices you make are meaningful. Its so disappointing to find that often that just isn't true. You want a weapon that's good for a particular situation? Too bad. Just throw on an ACR or MP7 and you'll find the one advantage of nonexistent recoil defeats all other possible advantages at all times. And even besides your custom class, the larger problems like the lag comp and unpredictable spawns make your choices even less relevant than they were already.


                Talk about balance and tactics all you want, but most of those arguments imply unlikely situations that allows one player to go through a long list of actions without being interrupted or side-tracked along the way. Bring these scenarios to reality and you find that all of the derps spontaneously appearing around end up defeating any individual tactic. You can yell into the microphone all you want, but there's never any guarantee that anyone will cooperate.


                Cutting to the chase, the reason I still play MW3 is because even the other games that solve these problems still have one thing still unresolved- you still have to depend on other people to be in the right place, at the right time. And moreover, you have to hope that these random strangers on the internet won't end up screwing you over. Fat chance of that.

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                  Right now, BO2, 'forces' you to play a certain style, Run around as fast as you can with SMG and laser sight and hipfire,  many complaints about this on the BO2 forums.
                  MW3 offers varying styles of play at the moment, also Lag is worse for me in BO2, its like night and day between the 2 games, so myself and most of our clan is sticking with MW3 for foreseable future.