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        50. Re: Is this the worst COD ever?

        I've been a longtime COD player but took a pass with MW3 because it looked like nothing more than a re-skin of the previous version. I really enjoyed previous Treyarch versions, so when I read about the Pick10 and other favourable things, I thought it was time to get back into the fray with BO2.


        My biggest disappointment, and one that has me questioning why I spent my money, is the map qualitly.


        Treyarch, would it kill you to offer a bit more variety for the proximity of engagement? I'm not looking for Battlefield sized maps, and while I don't spend much time with a sniper rifle (none in BO2), all the close quarters/close-range exchanges make this game feel way more one dimensional than it needs to be. The layout of the maps also leave much to be desired compared to other versions of COD. I know you say there are opportunities for medium engagement in some places on a couple maps, but really, does that cut it?


        Maybe I'm in the minority on this and if people love the simple nature of it, that's great. I wish I could say the same but I hoped for more.

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          51. Re: Is this the worst COD ever?

          When a new CoD comes out we all know it will be different and you will need to adapt to the style.  I have no issue with that and have always done this to the best of my ability.


          Trouble with BO2 is the issues already described a million times.  The game has poor lag compensation, poor matchmaking, poor hit detection and dire respawning.  This has led my adapting to become a compulsive camper.


          This was not the intention of the developers and it certainly wasn't what I wanted out of the game.


          Bottom line is simple; I am not enjoying the game and unless things change it's going to have a very short shelf life.

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            52. Re: Is this the worst COD ever?

            after trying new patch i have to say






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              53. Re: Is this the worst COD ever?

              yeah i been a big fan of treyarch till now they went away from black op 1 and made the black ops 2 more like MW3 which was completey dumb, there are some good things in the black ops two but other wise it suck i wish i could get my money back. they need to fix alot of stuff in this game the bigest one is the dam sever and i think the second one is the dam hit marks that you get in the game. what i mean is you can unload a click into a guy and he wont die an then they shoot you twice and you die. i just understand. they should stayed with black ops and not went towards mw3. i really hope they fix this game in the next updarted

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                54. Re: Is this the worst COD ever?

                I didn't play MW3 too much but from what I can see playing BO2 MP is that it is identical & it is terrible!  Why in the world would you guys change it from Black Ops 1 mechanics to this crap?

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                  55. Re: Is this the worst COD ever?

                  It's definitely too early to say it's the worst COD ever.

                  For me the crown belongs to MW3, which at day 365 was as bad as on the day one with its lag, hosting, matchmaking and most of all ignorance of the developers.

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                    56. Re: Is this the worst COD ever?

                    I am not sure what you are smoking but this is the BEST CoD EVER, maybe even better than MW1. The only BAD problem is UAV and the internet coding. Once the Code is worked right and I pray they nerf the UAV this game will be the best ever.

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                      57. Re: Is this the worst COD ever?

                      Also MW3 was the worst of the CoD game by a MILE it sucked in every way. BO2 made up for it except for the UAV smap, that part sucks so bad.

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                        58. Re: Is this the worst COD ever?

                        im disappointed about the maps especially after the great BO1 maps im not buying map packs though. I miss WMD, Summit, Lunch, Radiation, Villa, Firing Range, Grid. I would buy them in a map pack

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                          59. Re: Is this the worst COD ever?

                          Bad thing is a bit of lag and the map slums, just remove those two, people complain about the hit markers because they are too use to MW3 one hit one kill everything. In MW3 the kills where given to you, but you actually have to try to think before engaging. The play is like BO, weapon damage, map SIZE ( I feel maps are big but force it to CQ), they fixed snipers, but the setting is MW3ish, which allows for some cool, all of the guns are actually real guns for multiplayer, and the KS are mostly prototypes (I've seen the guardian, but it was on a humvee, we all seen the quad rotor, lightning strike is just a fast airstrike., and the orbital VSAT is used today.) Lag is better than previous CoD and so.is hit detection, people complain just because they get on bad game.

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