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    Should bullet damage be reduced?

      This game is chaotic. Admittedly, I enjoy the fast-paced game play. Wandering around less-than-stellar maps, for what seemed to be hours, and then getting shot by some bozo in the corner was a bore in previous "Call of Duty" titles. However, this is a little overwhelming. Because people are actually moving, and the maps are very small and cluttered, dying so quickly is not only irritating, but infuriating at times. To make matters worse, the bullet damage is inconsistent.  It seems like you either kill someone instantly, or shoot the person in the back, only to have the player turn around to embarrass you by cutting you down. Insanity. There must be a fix for this. So, what should it be?


      Reducing the bullet damage on all guns, or increasing the player's health, by some margin could be a viable option. I think an increase/decrease of 10-15% would suffice. I'm sure some people are reading this saying "WTF omg u n00b, why decrease teh bullet damage?!" Its simple- making it harder to kill someone will require more skill and make the game fair. If you can shoot well, you can kill well. Not only will you have to be on target, but stay on target longer. Personally, I loved how the original "Black Ops" used such a system. I know you cannot make a perfect game, or appease everyone who plays it, but this would definately make things more fair. All things considered, this game is refreshing and is a definite improvement over previous titles, but it is very unfair.



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