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    Still a second behind...


      So I'm glad to see Treyarch did absolutely nothing in terms of fixing the lag compensation.  It is still the same broken system from BO1 where my enemy is consistently seeing me before I see him.  So for 1 thing, if you had these problems last time, and you haven't purchased the game yet, don't buy it.


      So I have to ask... With this handicap (lets call it what it is - regardless of how it comes about or who it affects, when I'm playing, other players have a handicap over me) imposed on me, literally every game, I ask you Treyarch, what can I do to make this a fair experience?  The game is literally unplayable.  As the game designers and makers of this game, I see no reason why it is not your responsibility to tell me how to make my game function properly.


      What are some possible solutions? Do I need to purchase a PVR to record my gameplay and compare it to the theater?  And before you say it - I understand that some people believe the lies (perhaps more accurately "distorted truths") that have been fed to you that the killcam and theater are not representative of what actually happens.  Do we need to record gameplay from one point of view and gameplay from another players point of view to compare in real time that there's is a huge discrepancy going on here? Because Capp00 already made a fantastic video proving, without a doubt, the problems we are experience relating to lag compensation.  What are my options (Aside from quitting the game)?


      So given past history, Treyarch's awareness of this problem in the previous title, and inaction to correct it, they leave all of us that experience this problem no choice but to take action into our own hands.  We need to modify our connection and tweak it on our end in order to attain some semblance of fair game play.


      I said before this game comes out, that if it still has the same problems, other avenues (i.e. throttling bandwidth/modifying your connection) need to be explored.


      And just a plea to all of you who are serious about fixing lag comp... Maccabi and other knowledgeable people about networking and connections:  It appears that we spend so much time trying to educate people on the mechanics that are involved, people's misconceptions about lag compensation, and fighting over people who have different (and sometimes wrong) opinions on the subject, that what should be our main focus is diluted in the bickering.  We should be (and I hate to use this word) 'entitled' to a product that functions correctly when we pay $60 for a game.  I don't think that's too much to ask - just to be on a level playing field with the rest of the players - not handicapped.  This isn't Call of Duty: Handicap Ops.  We need to get together and put the focus on the responsible party (game developers and code writers).


      (And again, to preempt people from distracting from the point at hand - face it... the game is designed by the developers primarily around multiplayer, marketed for its multiplayer features, and in all likelihood has a greater amount of people playing multiplayer than singleplayer.  The idea that the game developers are devoid of any responsibility for anything relating to multiplayer is absurd.)




      tl;dr - Treyarch made no effort to correct the lag compensation problems.  I am still 1 second behind on what my enemy sees.  It is quite frankly not fair, and makes the game unplayable.  I just cant believe the irresponsibility of the game makers to put out such a flawed product.  I have no faith Treyarch will even try to fix the problem, and I'm not sure where to go from here (short of quiting or returning (if possible) the game that I just purchased).

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          i wish i waited they got my dolla now so i dnt think they give #### ..

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              its a damn shame that i am such a fckng dumas who fell for this bs again.  will they fix it? doubt it.  do they care?  doubt it.  this  company's busines strategy, this game, and the majority of this community that i run into online are an embarrassment to the human race.


              my only recourse going forward is to no longer purchase this joke of a franchise. 

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              What you don't get is they other people have the same lag compensation. It's definatley something that should be fixed or at least toned down, the problem is they have it so large that it's noticable so that people oversea's and everywhere else can all play on the same playing field with ping times. So it evens out, but it definatley doesn't help the rage meter when playing cause it seems like everyone is hacking.


              I agree, it needs toned down but it's fair and everyone else gets it too, they are just beating your to the kill.


              As for something they need to fix that's been in COD forever thou is the FOV. One playing can bearly see a player while the other has full open view to shoot at the guy. That stuff drives me up the wall. I'll be bearly looking around the corner trying to shoot someone but on their screen, my entire body is out in the open it's rediculous. Always been an issue with COD games.


              Anyway, I feel your pain, but it's not just you, everyone has to compensate for the lag and you just have to be a little quicker with anticipation or just rage like I do that they hack lol.

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                    Anyway, I feel your pain, but it's not just you, everyone has to compensate for the lag and you just have to be a little quicker with anticipation or just rage like I do that they hack



                  Nah, for that theory to be correct it would mean that I'd be winning SOME battles rather than losing every f^&king one.


                  As for beign quicker, hold on while I irradiate myself in hopes of learning precognition.


                  The game is trash.

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                  I completely agree with everything you said.


                  It is impossible to play on a competitive level in this game when you're 1-2 seconds behind the oposition in almost every single match.

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                    Don't worry this thread will be locked by a Moderator very soon because they like to cry and hide the problems of this game. Anyhow, I agree with you 100% and I'm still not sure if I even have faith about them fixing this issue since they can't even address these problems or acknowledge them and let us know. It's very sad very very sad.

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                      Odd.. my post disappeared

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                        @ blib:  I happy for you that you don't have any problems.  Count out one second.  It's not that long of a time.  Maybe .75 seconds to 1 second is more accurate, but it doesn't matter all the same - it's not an exaggeration.

                        I play hardcore only.  And it is almost impossible running behind like I am.  I agree with you.  You say, "why do i have no problems with my fast Internet, and you have such a serious problem with yours?"  And that's what I want to know.  Thats the question I want Treyarch to answer. 


                        I wish I had something to record my gameplay to prove to you this is real. 



                        @Turismon: Lag comp needs to be in games.  The problem is it doesnt affect everyone the same way.  It is absolutely not equal for all players.  There is a handicap going on and I am on the wrong side of it.


                        The FOV problems you speak of, are in my opinion, the product of two things.  1.  The host is not communicating the same information in the correct manner to the different players.  This results in people's different interpretation of player position on screen.  2.  There is a problem with the visual representation of the enemy hitbox and the enemy player model.  The hitbox will come around the corner representing the correction information, while the player model is lagging behind and hasn't turned the corner yet.  This results in your autoaim being pulled out when the enemy has not turned the corner yet.


                        @Stumperud78:  You're right.  The problem isn't the game.  I enjoy the game.  The problem is that the lag compensation totally renders your bullets useless.  Don't get me wrong... I'm fine with being bad.. having a bad round and getting killed straight up.  When the enemy players have a handicap over me - that's not in any way fair.