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      So me and my friend were playing nuketown zombies and we got to round 10 or so and then my other friend joined so there was 3 of us. We ended up all doing fairly decent, we made it to round 35 and died half way through. The problem is that after the match, we found that we arent on the leader boards for the round we got to, we have all looked for our earned leaderboard spot but there is nothing. We have searched through 2 player and 3 player leader boards and still, nothing to be shown.


      Is there anything we can do, who could we contact what should we say?


      We really worked hard and have earned our spot to be on the leaderboards.


      (Also we have checked CoD Elite and normal leaderboards in game, we figured that considering the round we got to (35) we should be ranked
      between 20-30 in the world. We have proof of the round, it is in our theatre)




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          Re: NOT ON LEADER BOARDS!?

          Leaderboards update ONLY on public matches.


          If just 1 player leaves the tracking stops! Example: You go to round 36 with 3 people because 4th player left on round 15. Leaderboards will register the highest round for that match round 15.

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