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    Typical BS No Double XP

      Pre-ordered months ago, downloaded Nuketown and Nuketown Zombies ( as i got the hardened edition )


      Went into game, no Double XP....3 hours later...Still no Double XP.... Then someone says it maybe being done on the end of round...which is Match Bonus... now to me that isn't what we all signed up for. We're supposed to be getting Double XP. Which means ability to get more ScorePerks Etc....  I am really getting fed up with the same BS happening year after year, last year we had Elite which launched about as successfully a The Challenger Space Shuttle.


      Speaking of Elite, isn't it nice that my "PREMIUM" Subscription was renewed until March 2013....yeah what a deal that was given that the bloody service is now FREE and half of it no longer works with Black Ops 2