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    I'm literally all raged out...

      I can't play this game anymore, I've literally raged myself out i can't get mad anymore i'm just disappointed at this point. The lag compensation is my worst nightmare, they've thrown out the idea of gun skill, in Black ops 1 they're main purpose was to not reward the sprayer and to be good at the game gun skill such as burst firing would be required. Now they removed the recoil from BO2 and burst firing seems to be useless i've literally have been sprayed from across the map and killed in 3 bullets while i burst fire and get 5 hitmarkers in the head and die. The maps are too chaotic the size and the way they're built leaves no room for breathing space i kill a guy i get mowed down by 4 of his teammates from behind i'm all for aggressive gameplay but this is just mindless rushing i cant play smart in the sleightest because i'm constantly shot in the back since i can't hear footsteps even with awareness. Since sleight of hand is gone it makes it harder for me to be ready for a lot of situations, yes i know its an attatchment but i feel it isnt as good as before imo. in general i feel as if this game would be great but as it stands its just too frustrating to play there's also too many head glitching spots everywhere my long range encounters are random at best so i can't slow my self down and pick people off.


      i'm a very strong cod player in black ops 1 i held a 2.45 kd with a 1.82 w/l (rarely in parties) in cod4 again 2.45 3.0 w/l mw2 2.50 with a 4 w/l and in mw3 2.22 with a 2.0 w/l. black ops 1 was my second favorite cod after cod4 because i literally felt in control of how i did in a match it wasn't up to the game. If the other guy had bad aim he had bad aim and i won immediately in terms of gun skill i could easily pick people off with a majority of ARs in that game with no issues 4-5 shots was usually all i needed. I was never afraid of recon streaks in that game either because in general i was above average in terms of aim and how smart i played out situations, hell i didnt even worry about a black bird in that game it was all the same to me. however in black ops 2 i nearly poop my pants when i hear the enemy team has a uav and its because no matter what i do i lose my gun fights 80% of the time. spraying seems to be the best thing ever to do in bo2 and the idea of better aim/control of weapon has been casted out entirely. all i'm going to say is the game had potential but at this point in time im just exhausted my mind can't take it anymore it's not enjoyable and it's very disheartening. I do hope these issues get resolved if not this is my last cod game overall until i hear talk about dedicated servers.