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    holly effing SPAWN kills!!!

      fix the spawns trearch! you guys said this game was going to be different but from what i can tell its exacly the same spawn killing and traping bull crap as all the previous ones... might i suggest a invincible timer of at least 5 seconds or spawn with a vest like the ones in mw3 that last only 5 second... just do something please!

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          ya im just about to lose my **** over these retarded spawns. These fu**in fools ruined MY game. Been playing this game longer then most of those retards have been working on the game. David Von-whogivesashit wake the **** up

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            It's because they made the game for 11 year olds on Adderall.


            They tried to make it so you're never more than .001 seconds away from a gun fight, lest the children lose interest in the game and stop bothering mommy to buy them DLC.


            Problem is they suck at programing spawns out of the gate - similar issues when BLOPS was released, and the maps are way too small to try and constantly throw people right back into the action immediately.


            Just a mess of a game for me, ZERO flow, forgetable maps, mediocre weaponry, intolerable connections... I suggest you do what I did and ditch it.

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              The majority of the maps are too small for this, but the spawns in general are not good. I've had it happen on more than one occasion where I kill a person and he spawns behind me and shoots me in the back.

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                Spawns are defo bad xD


                But how about this... And I am not complaining cuz it was fun trying it out...

                Yesterday.. Before my rank reset... Playing Domination on Nuketown... Captured both A and B and placed a guardian at both the left and right sides along with a sentry gun... Add a stealth chopper ontop and you've got a world of hurt...


                Lots of kills, but in a way I kinda felt bad... I earned the killstreaks... but.. Is this what the game has turned into? Just raping spawns?


                *In for a new spawn method*


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                  On the small maps so rubbish spawning is expected but I get bad spawns even on the big maps.

                  I played Afghan Turbine the other day which is probably the biggest map and I spawned to see somebody running towards me with his tac knife out and I got killed before i'd had chance to react.

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                    i would like to see bigger maps as well but its the same spawn **** on the medium ones! its really a simple fix... just put more spawn points and create a system that picks the best spawn with no enimes near it and or a bullistics vest for the first 5 second after you spawn cmon 3arc we've been asking for the spawn to be fix since the very fist mw!

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                      OP if it makes you feel better 3arch are monitering the spawns and flagging any that result in a death in less than 3 seconds they intend to patch it later.

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                        I constatly spawn in a firefight, that's right my teamate fighting another, and as always I get shredded instantly when I plunk down regardless if my teamate dies or not, plusI'm always being spawned in the exact same spot, not the exact same location, the exact same spawn point, back of the the map, with enemy players camping there, like seriously spawn me where they aren't