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    My Game WILL NOT WORK.

      Okay, so I pre-ordered this worthless game, get it at the midnight launch, go home to play it, try to install it first (On 360 of course), install fails, it says disc cannot be read, I clear system cache, get the same problem, tried signing out of Xbox live, same problem, then I try to just play the game. Then it says that the disc cannot be read. ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?! Now I am not sure on what to do. I guess wait until tomorrow and waste more time and gas to get a new copy. Complete bullsh*t. You never fail to disappoint Activision.

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          Re: My Game WILL NOT WORK.

          Ok, I had this same thing happen to me. 


          I got the following error in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for XBOX 360.  I also have the XBOX 360 Elite, not the new slim.


          Unrecognized Disc

          The disc is unreadable

          1. Clean the disc with a soft cloth

          2. Restart the console

          for more help, visit




          Well, I swapped discs at the store with no luck.  Then I tried my son's XBOX and it worked ?!?!?


          All my other games worked, but this one didn't. 


          I had a suspicion that downloading the Season Pass and Nuketown 2025 maps actually corrupted my profile some kind of way, and wouldn't force an update.


          So here's how I fixed it:


          1. Go to your avatar, and choose Sign Out

          2. Launch the game with no profile (Signed Out)

          3. Game launches fine for me

          4. Once in the game, click your Xbox button on the controller, and choose to sign in to your profile.

          5. The game should ask you to download the update

          6. Once the download is complete, it should now work fine.


          I would recommend from the main menu, clicking X on the game, and choosing 'Install to Harddrive'


          I hope this helps you, and others that will find this problem over the next few days.

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            Re: My Game WILL NOT WORK.

            Restart your Xbox, I had this problem and this sorted it for me.

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              Re: My Game WILL NOT WORK.

              Well, the problem has come back.  Even after I got it to work, I installed to HD, and it just won't recognize again.  Who knows what is wrong.   I've swapped discs, cleared my cache, including deleting my whole entire Black Ops II folder, and still borked.  It seems like the Xbox has to go out to Microsoft to confirm the validity of the game, and it isn't sending the right commands back. 

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                Re: My Game WILL NOT WORK.

                It might be your Xbox, see Microsoft made their systems backwards and funny enough even the Nintendo Wii has a better disk drive then the 360. Try another game, see if it works. My first xbox had the same problem it couldn't read the games and I found out eventually that it was the horrible disk drive in it. Had to go get a new one, good thing the Slim came out at that time.

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                  Re: My Game WILL NOT WORK.

                  I'm just going to start bumping these since it seems there's been no word on it.


                  Tried 3 different discs, all work on other xboxes except mine. Any other games will work, even Halo 4 and Assasin's Creed 3. I can't even get the title screen to show, I ONCE got the update notification, but then it froze immediately after and gave a disc unrecognized error. This is absurd at this point.

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                    Re: My Game WILL NOT WORK.

                    It happened to me im still trying to fix it. Tried everthing told above but nothing. I tried calling but i cant get through so everybody call microsoft to let them know about this.

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                      Re: My Game WILL NOT WORK.

                      You have to install the game onto your HD. Mine did that too, the next day after I bought it. Hasn't done it since.

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                        Re: My Game WILL NOT WORK.

                        For those wondering, the problem appears to be unfixable. I took my copy back the next morning to swap for a new one and it works fine. Basically, if you get a defective copy, take it back and swap for a new one.

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