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    Why is Activision allowed to sell us an unfinished, non-working product?

      Its one thing if there are a few uncommon issues in cercain areas of the game, but this game should NOT have been released like this. This is an incomplete game that does NOT work. It was obviously not tested before its release and so we are all now the beta testers. I paid $100.oo for this game and it should work the minute I play it. It can't find a match for 10 minutes sometimes, and then it locks up the PS3 forcing me to perform a "hard" reboot which I'm sure will damage my PS3 eventually. Also, It takes about an hour to play one match thanks to all of the problems with network and matchmaking issues. I freeze and have to do a hard reboot twice an hour. I don't  know how activision is allowed to sell us a game that doesn't work.  I bet X-Box users aren't freezing though. It seems like these games are WAY better (stable) on xbox. Its a shame that I have to be a BETA tester once again for another piece of garbage from Activision. We all got screwed AGAIN by Acticvision.......big shocker there I know.

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