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    An awful lot of negative waves.

      So is anybody having a postive gaming experience.


      It has run very well for me, only had my system freeze twice since i first got the game on Tuesday.

      The only real problem for me was the servers being down for nearly a day, but i used this time to play combat training to get used to the new maps and fine tune some custom classes.


      I am not suffering the horrible lag issues that i did with mw3 where most of the time i may as well have been throwing snowballs at opposing players.


      I have had double xp in tdm since 6.30pm and enjoying good games and some cold beers.


      Sorry if this post pisses some people off but i felt the forum needed something a little more positive in all the doom and gloom.

      I do sympathize with those of you that are having problems and are unable to play because i had some of them with mw3/


      Remember its only a game and not the end of the world...


      Feel free to bash me or agree with me.



      Either way i am still going to have another game and another beer