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        130. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

        Its not all about KD, notice I included W/L as well? I play smart and play different styles depending on the map size, sight lines, pathways, etc. That results in me having pretty good stats. My SPM (score per minute) is also fairly high in other games as well. I don't sit back and "camp" or "defend" every game. Its boring and takes forever to rank up that way.


        However, I take by your stupid post that you probably have terrible stats and play like a fool blindy rushing everywhere without any thought whatsoever.


        The only "tears" or complaints from me is this game obviously has major problems if so many good players feel worthless. So feel free to move along and share your ignorance on another post.


        The game is broken, anyone who agrees is just a huge fanboy.

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          131. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

          I was wondering if something was up, I did fine in COD 4 and MW2 I done really well, I'm normally an offensive player, I like to run around and get in the enemy's face, I'll at the very least go positive in previous COD's, in this though I can win ranged fighs, sniping is fun, but on maps like...whatever the one is on the boat, and the one with the club and wub wub wub, I have tried so hard to run around with and SMG and do well, and it seems like I can never ever win a hipfire fight to save my life, it's forced me to play with bouncing bettys and shock charges and just watch doors to at least go positive, had to resort to taking the R870 as a secondary to fight in close quarters, using the M27 at range, and the MP7 for sub, but I find myself going towards my camping assault class or sniper and just holding my own position as I seem to get murdered running around.


          I have noticed though that the K/D's of everyone else in these lobbys are about the same as mine, which is 1.46 at the moment, I'm yet to see anyone near a 2,5, it seems that more often than not as well that the games are very close or at least within 5 kills of eachother and there doesnt seem to be anymore of 1 or 2 guys at the top of the team going 30-1 and 1 or 2 on the lower side going 4-21, it seems more balanced, I'm just struggling up close atm.

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            132. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

            Okay first off I live in canada  i got 5 down and 1 up for internet which they charge about 50$ a month for.  I ONLY PLAY HARDCOREE SEARCH AND DESTROY ___________

            BO1/ KD- 2.22       -W/L- 3.5    ___    MW3/ KD- 1.87    W/L-- 2.4____   Black Ops 2-/ KD 1.3   W/L- 1.5 absolulety terrible lagg comp. I have sent in numberous tickets into activision support with little to no help at all.  They have released how many games all ready?? 100s and are having these issues is fK***

            riduculous. If we were smart we would team up and stop buying their game....... just saying. Support people who make a game you can actually play

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              133. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

              Yeah i agree this game has major problems. Which is interesting because I've experienced the good side of the game (I got 3 lodestars so far) and have had some games where I've gotten 30 kills and above with somewhat low deaths. I've even played enough to get to 4th prestige. Though did anybody else notice that they seemed to go BACKWARDS as far as bullet registry goes? MW3 you shot a guy and he died yet now you shoot a guy and keep shooting the guy up until he turns around and kills you instantly.

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                134. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                Yep. Honestly I havent played this little CoD within the first few months of release in a long time. I got on friday, played for like an hour, and just couldn't win. Couldn't go posotive, at all. Hell, I only placed in the top 3 once.


                All of these games were Hitmarkers, hitmarkers, hitmarker, being shot around corners, more hitmarkers.

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                  135. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                  I generally get a run of at least 6 to 8 games where I may as well be using a peashooter but then, for no reason, I will get 2 games where with exactly the same playstyle I will go 30-5 or better, and then it will go to pot again. Rinse, repeat, rage. Moan on here.


                  I really hope they get the message for the next COD so we can at least have one more decent COD game and some competition for Respawn Entertainment when their first game comes out. I suspect it will highlight how COD has become the mutated lagfest cluster**** that people are starting to realise it really is.

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                    136. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?


                    Game was great in the first week that i had it. (Couple weeks after launch).

                    Regularly getting 30's to 'teens games.

                    Played really really well.


                    Feels very different engaging the enemy.

                    Unless they're stationary it's so hard to put people down.

                    Lots of hit detection not much dying. Other than me.

                    In a week my k/d has gone from 1.36 to 1.19, im now having 1 and 11 games, 3 @ 11, 5 @ 15.

                    From my perspective, the games taken a definite step backwards.

                    I'm no killing monster but i'm not so bad i turn incompetant over night, lol.


                    Hopefully they're just tweaking things and it will balance out eventually, but it feels a little too

                    much like BLOPS to me, which is worrying.

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                      137. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                      I really haven't seen any difference in this one compared to previous titles.  My college aged son said the very same thing last night.


                      Some games I do well, others I don't. 

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                        138. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                        I think it has got better last week or so -


                        at first i got decimated on daily basis and could barely go positive, also playing with a clan  /friends was impossible ( i am uk and most are in us) - play occasioanlly with a really good team ( winstreak over 600on mw3) all objective players with better than average kds(around 1.8 to 2) and everyone of us were seriously negative like 5 to 30.


                        Moved to the best connection which helped solo play a little and i could sometimes scrape postitive scores. But after last patch things seemed to have really improved for me and plays far more consistently and far less WTF moments - altough they are still way too regular for my liking -  you get a good run of what seem fair games and then BANG in a lobby with the marshmallow gun again or you get put into a lobby where you are swan trapped/getting annihalated and you risk probabtion for leaving ( have never dashboarded once but have had a warning for leaving games early - great customer service BTW for leaving a game you put me into - dont have a problem getting beat by better players and will see these through to end but getting dropped into a spawn trap/killstreak blitz or terrible connection - hell yes i am going to leave)



                        Its a shame there seem to be so many issues with the game  - quickscoping is a pain( i cant and dont want to do but seems everyone else is doing - have come across full teams doing), constant uav spam ( make counter same score or only slightly higher or ghost work for a little longer whilst stationary say 15 seconds so i can reload  or patrol a little at least), head glitching more than i have ever seen,  hit/miss lag and hit dectection and terrible spawns at times, as some of the new things are good - scorestreaks and the reduced value you get for kills with meaning stacking is harder so a lot lesss high end air support up meaning closer games at times, pick ten allows me to really customise to my play style and have more than one perk in tiers or even none, new perks, new items ( shock charge, black hat)


                        I also like some of the maps and think the game looks great and would be slightly more evenly based ( less individual players dominating a game with constant air support etc)than other cod titles,  if they could fix some of the issues

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                          139. Re: Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

                          i would say im a better than average player, and was struggling but have hit my stride now. starting to get a feel for the maps and how to play em. except hijacked............urgh......feel dirty just saying it.

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