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    This game is a Joke

      Watching videos staying up late nights prepairing for the release had me stoked, untill i actually played the game for my self. Each game all i hear is ********. Each issue that i have that probably most people on here are expierencing, and to scared to stand up to most of the people on here, is lagging, connection issue, and the head glitching, hit markers etc.

      Each call of duty is exactly made the same. just little tweaks on guns, maps etc. Never have they fixed connection issues, lagging, hit markers etc. I mean seriously i understand this game is not real, but 9 bullets and you still can turn around and shoot me with a pistol i mean seriously comon. I pay the top interenet but im jepordized. Im actually playing the game right now, and people ******** about the bullshit game. i know 8 people that returned the game already.

      Talk ****. i will never "Purchase" COD again, i will pirate it untill the game is fixed.

      Each day everyone is saying " i hope there is an update when i turn my system on "

      Gernade throwing, throwing a gernade across the map. what is this a football player on steriods. no,

      Video games are suppose to seem real, and be as close to it as possible, if its a shooter game.


      All im saying is most of you are probing going to have interenet muscles, and going to come at me, but i really dont care, im sure most people on here that play the game will know what im talking about.

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          You're still going to play it though so deal with it.

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            bs3rious wrote:


            blah blah blah blah


            So trade it in?

            Give it to a homeless person?

            Stop playing?



            All better ideas than starting yet another complaint thread.

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                No, see you're a dumbass and you're the reason these games AREN'T fixed. Your reply is just as stupid as someone saying something bad about this country and their reply is "well if you don't like it, leave it" as if that's a real answer. Have you ever thought people are ******** because they care and want the franchise to grow even bigger and better? If everyone ******* enough it WILL get fixed, and all of these people threatening to not buy the game anymore will actually stop buying it eventually. It's not going to be an overnight thing but it will slowly start happening.

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                Nothing to see here, move along, move along

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                  Much like my post, OPs post is totally worthless

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                    Hey dude I was having lagg issues too. So lets see if I can help. You say your paying for top internet, what does that mean to you? What is your connection speed. A lot of people think they have good internet because they pay a lot for it but thats just not true. Second, what is your search preferance set to in game?

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                        I actually have been setting the search preference to "best" today the game actually hasn't been acting up much, still a little lag. but 40-0 the last game isn't bad


                        I just think that the 1st day SO many people were on the game that it was just a dely.


                        Like i mentioned the maps are cool, the guns are neat, it was just the lag n stuff.

                        and its just not me, its most of the cod community.


                        o'well Call of duty is just like your girlfriend, you might hate her sometimes, but you will always keep coming back.

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                        You get hundreds of thousands of people buying a game on the same day, millions with a month and everytime a new COD is released people moan and groan. The reality is you are still gonna buy future products in the series and ***** about those too.  People bitched about BO, MW3 and now BO2 but yet the break records and there are still hundreds of thousands of people playing around the world. Why do you people expect a refund??? Yes, the camping is bad but honestly a lot of people are just not used to the maps yet. give it time, like usual, it will work itself out. Always does. As far as realism, what is realism in 2025? you can slam these comments with you "STFU's" and "**** off's", etc but at the end of the day I said my piece. Just enjoy the game or don't play it.

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                            Like i mentioned, It seems that the past 2 days it has changed or something def feels more natural now. But the hitmarkers are still crazy, and EVERYONE hates the head glitching. The things people can hide behind, they need to be either higher or smaller. There are TONS of these things all around each map.


                            But like i stated above, call of duty is like your girl friend, you may be mad at it or hate it, but you just keep comming back.


                            I will keep playing, and i will still buy their products in the future. But being the last cod sold 770+million copys the first week, they should expect these already and try to be up on it.

                            I feel that once they have your money, they dont do nothing about it.

                            Im not complining about this, but were i reserved my copy, everyone got the nuketown card inside their game. this is even for the people that didn't pre-order theirs. O'well


                            Say your two cents. everyones opionion matters..



                            - happy killing -

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                              how can you enjoy losing when you shouldent and paying for something that doesnt work

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                              IF / WHEN they fix their lag issues, if it's even possible for them to fix such a thing, I'm curious to hear what people will complain about then.


                              Truth be told, outside of the lag, I really don't have an issue with the game.


                              When it works the way that it's mean to work, the game feels great and balanced. The problem is that, for me anyway, it only seems to work well for one or two matches every hour. The rest is an absolute pain.

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                                  Latly i have been getting a few good games each hour, when the games are equally balanced. But I seem to find that around midnight and on the connection just goes to crap.


                                  Another thing that i would like to bring to the attention is the spawning. I feel they should try maybe, you come down on a parachute and have to navigate to specified areas. You cant be killed, or kill untill you land on the ground. The spawn at an enemys death is just horrible. I understand that they probably wnated to get away from camping but this spawn is horrible!