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    Cold Blooded, thoughts?



      I decided to start a thread about something in the game to brighten up this forum as so many threads are about game issues.


      So anyway I wanted to start a thread on the perk "cold blooded"


      I personally think while it does have its usefulness I feel the perk is not always in active use. I mean lets start with two basic things it does, it stops you from appearing an orange blob type thing when an enemy is using the scope type thing (can't remember what its called) and then it doesn't make you show up on the target finder. Well these two abilities are nice, however really if someone has you in their sights this ain't going to make much difference. I have used the target finder once and really when I faced a few cold blooded players it didn't make a blind bit of difference. Also to add on the MMS immunity is nice but really stationary camping isn't too big in this game so the MMS really isn't all that useful anyway.


      Moving on, does not make you show up on enemy controlled killstreaks. Well I haven't came across too many player controlled scorestreaks yet so it doesn't really bother me much if I get killed by them.


      The No red name when targeting is nice but really only the very new players who haven't played COD fall for the no red name deal.


      Oh, I almost forgot, the sensor grenades. Personally I don't know how useful they are as they seem pretty lame to me.


      (I hope I haven't missed anything out)


      Overall I just don't think the perk is all that useful It does have a place in the game and I am sure I'll use it now and then.... I want to make clear that I don't dislike the perk or dislike players who use it I am not too bothered about what perk you use. I am merely wanting to here the other opinions of the COD community about the perk Cold Blooded.


      So what are your thoughts?

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          Re: Cold Blooded, thoughts?

          Nobody wishes to comment

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            Re: Cold Blooded, thoughts?

            They need to combine Coldblooded and Blind-Eye. I don't see why they thought splitting them up would be a good idea. I'm all for having Ghost in seperated, to split it into 3 perks isn't the best move

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              Re: Cold Blooded, thoughts?

              Those perks are kinda useless cause they made R&G the only real option. Sensor nade looks nice but kinda useless cause u can just run away from it + it makes a lot of noise. The target finder only shows enemies if they stand in the middle of the field, it doesn't work with them half behind cover, just a fancy toy on your gun + it puts u under stress seeing multiple enemies insta of dealing with them 1 by 1. MMS same deal, scans when ur ADS and it doesn't work even half as good as it does on the SP, most maps don't even have a real use for them cause they can't get through most walls.


              The new things look awesome but they are a waist of a point.

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