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    Good Luck WiiU COD Community+More Random TALKK

      OFF TOPIC: So I bought COD B-itch Ops II for my BitchStation3 annnnnnnnd it's one broken ass mess of a game. We're not even talking about BETA standards here this is more like "take yo **** back to the drawing board" bad. I waited in line for the midnight launch just to get my hardened edition WHICH as of NOW no one can download any of our digital content that came with preorders. I want my money back I'll be honest.


      ON TOPIC: Good luck WiiU community (including me because I'm a Ninty Fan) with our up and coming WiiU launch this Sunday. You guys (and girls) shouldn't worry to much on black ops II DLC (especially right now considering we can't even redeem that ****) just enjoy the game and our kick ass...BRAND NEW Ninty console xD. I'm excited for it aren't you?...For the WIiU I mean.


      STRAIGHT UP RANDOM: Since I haven't touched both my versions of B-itch Warfare 2.5 (ps3/wii) in MONTHS (7months) I'll be trading both those games to get a few WiiU games like Black Ops II, Assassin's Creed III, ZombiU.


      FUNNY FACT: I'm so damn excited for my Deluxe WiiU!!!! And my New Super Mario Bros U!! This Sundaaaaaay Whoo!!





      EDIT: NukeTown 2025 is a ******* joke of a map. First one sucked ass the second one doesn't do it any justice. I preordered soley for NukeTown zombies becaue I'm a **** for COD zombies....BUT NukeTown Zombies is the shittiest zombie map EVER even more so then Nacht Der Untoten or Five. WiiU community isn't missing out on jackshit if WiiU doesn't get DLC support.

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          Well, good luck to you and all of us too.

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            They can just never release a good game. The youtubers will come to its defence and say its great but seriously, couldn't they just test it?

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                why would they spend time testing it? isnt that what we are for? well at least thats what they think,


                just realease a game, have thousands of people test it and then fix it after they've pissed everyone off

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                    Fox_McCloud wrote:


                    why would they spend time testing it? isnt that what we are for? well at least thats what they think,


                    just realease a game, have thousands of people test it and then fix it after they've pissed everyone off

                    If this is the case then it makes you think they knew it was broken. But the clever way round it is give nuketown away to make more people buy it. There should be more restricting laws in the gaming industry to stop companies making millions selling something thats actually broken. Its like taking sweets/candy from a baby. But who really knows. I dare say the wii u will have its problems, and by the time of its release here in europe on the 30th, I hope to download updates as the game is downloading. If not, I won't be surprised. But we will have to just wait and see. Its normal to think we won't get the support, we've been crapped on for years. So I hope nintendo and activision realize why we are exprcting more by buying a new console for these games. We want a better experience and to get away from the hacking BS caused by sucky players. I hope it drives all the hackers away, and go back to playing games like lego starwars, games more siuted to their skill level.

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                        i really dont mind if it is broken at first as long as they fix it, but i too hope the hacking stops on the Wii U, thats my biggest concern, its frustrating to have to deal with hackers who completely ruin the game.

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                            THe fact is, when you buy it at launch, you are buying a beta.  It's been that way since the beginning.  Activision will not allow a public beta because of leaks of gameplay and a perceived notion that other games will come out before theirs, and steal their ideas (total bs.  How in the hell can a game maker turn around a change in less than let's say 3 months).


                            It's all about the PR hype and keeping things secret to get the community all pumped up.  And we fall for it.  Hence my interest in nuketown 2025.  It wasn't because I wanted the map, it was because it is yet more proof that they keep things so close to the chest because they are paranoid.


                            The developers do NOT test their product on real infrastructure.  I've been told they have a super secret xbox live network they test on, but I highly doubt this represents any kind of real infrastructure.  And since they can't "really" test it, the game has all kinds of launch issues.   Its a catch 22.  


                            I manage 100's of developers working on products with millions of lines of code.  I understand how hard it is to deliver a bug free 1st version.  I sympathize with them.  But we painstakenly test all of our apps under our customers infrastructure before we release 1.0.0.   We test on our local machines, then our test networks, then we deliver to our customer test networks and wait for bug reports...and there are alot.  You just can't reliable create an infrastructure that mimics the real world. 


                            We will get a beta folks.  Prepare yourself.  Let's just hope they respond quickly to our problems. 


                            Can't wait!!


                            EDIT:  One more point.  I have a sneaking suspicion (no proof mind you), that this is the source of all the tension between Activision and Nintendo.  Nintendo want's very stable, bug free builds (japanese company and mindset...quality, quality, quality...).  Activision is more like "we will fix it later".  Just get it out there.  I think they are at odds over how things are tested and defects. 

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                      This game is going to have issues.  I guess I'll just play the campaign, and all the other games I preordered, until they get fixed like I always do.  I'll try the online on launch day, but I expect it to be a mess.  I hope I'm wrong, but I'm planning for the worst.  That way I'm not so dissapointed.

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                        Oh believe me that's the first thing I did play the campaign because right off theback I knew multiplayer would be a ******* mess. For those whom preordered the game however (especially hardened/carepackage editions) we got shafted by not being able to redeem our digital content STILL.


                        On top of that I payed $85-90 for my hardened edition because that version got you an "exclusive" map which is nuketown zombies only for activision to just turn around and include nuketown zombies in the COD season pass which gives you all map packs for $15 cheaper.


                        Yeah most definetely the WiiU COD community isn't missing out on ANYTHING.

                        I'll also be trading in OR selling my Black Ops II Hardened Edition for some more WiiU games.

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                          A normal Wii launch of COD has issues, in the past they have been minor glitches and what not. We are getting a COD game for a whole new console. There are 2 ways that launch day is going to go for us.


                          1. They know its a new console so they tested the living s*** of of the game and it will have only minor bugs and glitches that we will need to report because COD is full of people looking to cheat.


                          2. It's completely broke and the WiiU will just spit the disc out. Some patch will come out from Nintendo a month from now just so it will even accept the disc. Then we will be able to play the story line but multi player will error out for a month until a patch is released from 3Arc. Then online game play will only work in that new training mode for another month while we wait for the next patch and so on.... In this worst case senario we may not be fully up and running until Easter. By that time some hackers will have figured out how to make the multi player work on thier own and when the masses finally get to play it will be hacked to s*** and no one will want to play.


                          "raises glass" Here's to hoping it's option number 1.

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                              Wow, he paints a pretty picture don't he!! lol

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                                  I dont wana be the bringer of doom and all that, but seriously Pauly, the games worse than MW3, its a complete bag of sheishetertetrtettrttrtrtettettt. Granted I would be better at the game with a wiimote BUT there`s soooooooooooooooooooo many problems,not gun releated, some that can  fixed, some that cant.


                                  Ive played 15-20 games in 3 days, when id normally play 50 games a day on previous cods, especially on release. I just dont wana turn the thing on.


                                  The sounds of your character, gun reloading etc is brilliant, very clear and crisp and realistic, but you cant hear enemies at all, they all creep. The visuals are good too. Its just VERY hard to get control of any game, and your dying constantly from behind, or getting head glitched. Its a case of, see a guy and go to kill him, you either kill him and get insta killed from behind, or the guy your gona shoot kills you coz of lag comp.


                                  You`ll notice that there`s very few youtubers out there putting up full gameplays, coz even they cant get good games consistently.


                                  Heres a typical example of lag comp >


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                                      Notice all those red dots on the minimap?  LOL

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                                        Beast have you ever thought about prozac? how's mrs beast put up with your negativity! we know every cod game is broken at launch as we are all beta testers on launch! the fact you have gone to xbox is half your problem!


                                        They are a different animal to wii players! 1) they know how to use the controller! 2) they have vastly more experience of HD graphics and the detail compared to our experience of SD!


                                        I am sure most of the stuff that is wrong such as patching the lag will be done and improving the guns and weapons and spawns can all be buffed as in previous games! I am super excited to get this game on wii u with all it's glory! if you click on one of the other videos there is a guy who plays ground war and goes 78-4! and has dogs, other high end kill streaks!


                                        Remember people need to get used to all the new maps, guns etc and play the game with the issues that i am sure they will patch/up date as they always do on every COD!


                                        There are lots of people who seem happy with xbox version and even ps3, also there are lots who seem to hate it or are having issues as the game is broken!


                                        Funnily it seems the one's who are ******** are the one's who only care about having a KRD or 2-4+!!! the type of moaning person I would never want to play with! as long as I can have fun with my clan mates KDR does not bother me!


                                        I'm sure it probably hurts that your are playing on a console you have very little experience of and have given up on the Wii U before it is even launched! I wish you well with the xbox moaners etc nd no doubt after a few months and the game is fixed you will be seeing better results!


                                        For some positive gameplay video check this lad out on youtube Ali-A!


                                        edit: having watched the video beast put up i watched others posted by the same goon in it! and he is the type of person I really can not stand! he goes 78-4!!!! and still moans about his KDR having come down 0.5 from 2.5 ro 2!! gettttttttttt a life sadooo! I mean you killed everyone and still find time to moan! should see me play, i'm just happy to go positive and my team win!!

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                                          My 12yr old is playing it on xbox and is having very few problems. Sometimes he gets a bit of lag but that seems to be it so far. Sometimes its hard to tell with him though, when he dies he just keeps talking with his friends like nothing has happened. He just doesn't care. He plays for the sake of playing and enoys it. Maybe thats  the problem with most people. They just don't know how to have fun anymore.