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    Status Updates for PS3 Customers?

      Please create a locked topic for staff and mods to update us with.

      Staff needs to list the known, major bugs, and when we can expect patches to address each.


      Don't say that the 5 minutes it would take to do so will further prolong a solution.  You need multiple solutions to multiple problems.  Don't hold out just to package them all together.  With the $500 million in sales at launch, you can pay enough staff to handle the corrections for this historic release failure on many levels.  Respect the customers that purchased your product.  None of your PS3 customers are going to blaming Sony.

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          Treyarch sucks man!!

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            Man, you all actually think our matters are important to these Egotistical millionaires who sit behind their desk celebrating the sales of this game? i have seen XBOX and PC graphics compared with the ps3 release and i must say its a big shame for us PS3 users, not to mention they failed to mention that thousands of users who were banned or modded BLACK OPS 1 have indeen been banned and blocked from the servers of BLACK OPS 2, and this is a console ban, meaning all account you try to play with on that ps3 which was modded or banned has been blocked from the servers, i have more then 1 PS3 and i can get online NO PROBLEMS with all NEW ACCOUNTS. BUT the accounts which i used to mod or gotten banned from black ops 1 is banned from BLACK OPS 2, on that modded ps3. so i hope this will help anyine and i am sure many of you never modded or cheated on BLACK OPS 1 but you all are getting screwed in the process of TREYARCH'S clean up. MANY of you are just stuck in the middle, and as you may see there are already many MODS created for this game BOTH or ZOMBIES AND MULTI PLAYER, and its just the begining. this game was doomed before it was even out. I hope you all find a way around it, but like i said, get NEW PS3, NEW ACCOUNTS. and all will work just fine

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              The Canadian Gamers Organization has put out a consumer warning on the game until patches are release, and issues with the game are FULLY resolved:




              Play at your own risk.