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    [REQUEST] [UPDATED] Black Ops 2 is not what we was waiting for

      Actually i was thinking that Treyarch will create some awesome game like Black Ops 1 but it look like MW3 now, well yah better than MW3 but still...

      [Minuses of the game]

      1 - Dev. Console is Locked

      2 - CFG File is full Locked! you can modify only Keyboard buttons/binds

      3 - No server browser

      4 - No Dedicated Servers <- I really liked to play Sniper Only in Black Ops 1, that why I bought it!

      5 - No more colored messages inside the chat

      6 - Not perfect Net Code

      7 - Tomahawk is taking back automatically after walking over it!

      8 - Impossible to change team even if teams are not Balanced [like 2 vs 6]

      9 - No option to keep all players muted ALWAYS

      10 - Only 2 maps for voting while starting new round [Like in mw3]

      11 - Treyarch forgot to remove MP7 from the weapon list >:(

      12 - Spawn - ~60% of deaths are from enemies spawning behind, beside or in front of player



      What if TREYARCH will fix those minuses (-):

      1, 2 - Players can modify settings to optimize their game for weak systems

      3 - Matchmaking system is the worst thing that could be done in the Call of Duty games for PCs!!!

      4 - Almost all fans of Black Ops 1 wants to see this, and its perfect to have your own server with special rules

      5 - No Comment

      6 - Tomahawk, Knife, Bullets will work more better, a little bit time delay after pressing button to throw a tomahawk is detected [Even with good ping]

      7 - Black Ops 1's Tomahawk system is much better! I guess all players will accept it

      8 - OK Disallow players to change their team to the leading one, BUT LET US TO CHANGE TEAMS WHEN THEY'RE DISBALANCED!

      9 - Worst thing in the game! Idiot kids with their microphones

      10 - Will help players to decide which map they want to play!

      11 - SMG's are OVERPOWERED! Remove it or give to it less power

      12 - No Comment


      More Minuses will show up later



      Now time for Pluses (+):

      1 - Game is optimized very well!

      2 - Pings are good, not like in MW3

      3 - Sounds are good! In mw3, it's like firecrackers in the toilet! HAH

      4 - Good Physics

      5 - Good Maps


      More Pluses will show up later



      Dear "TREYARCH" I hope you will done some good fixes for Black Ops 2