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    Heard enough from people who don't like it...How about those of us who do?

      Ok..seems like a LOT of people (who post anyway) don't like the game...How about some of us who do.


      I can't see why people complain about the graphics...and then bring up older versions...really? Did they update MW2 when I wasn't looking? Speaking of that, compare the maps we get now with the ones from MW2 or earlier...again, I don't see how anyone can complain. This is a game. It's not Counter-Stike. It's a commercial game like Monopoly or Chutes-n-Ladders. It's supposed to be random. I see posts from "pros" who say it's a noob-fest and then someone will complain the glitchers, QS's, and snipers take all the fun out of it...Dudes! Which one is it?


      This is supposed to be fun...Some days I dominate like a monkey effing a football...other days? I can't buy a kill. It's a game. About the only thing that makes me upset is dashboarders...that's only because they can screw you up when they rage quit.


      You know what would be a great option? PUBLIC SUICIDE!! Instead of Rage Quitting...we would all get a splash screen of you fragging yourself while screaming your (censored) comments...yeah, that'll teach us.


      Give them time to get the bugs out...find the glitches and fix them...and get the weapons sorted. It's not like they haven't had to do that for the last 3 releases...right?


      Anyone else who's having fun playing the game? Chime in....