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        90. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

        Hey Vahn, I would like to try your suggestion of not voting for a map but there is no way to stop others and somebody always votes no matter how much you beg them not to.


        Just a note for informations sake:


        I played league play/ moshpit last night and was able to get into matches pretty well. The games ran smoothly for the most part and the action seemed fair and w/o any lag comp or funny business.


        Maybe the fact that players cannot vote for maps and the lobby completely changes each match makes matchmaking more succesful. Maybe we are grouped better by region. Regardless, I had a much better MP experience by playing league play.

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          91. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

          I know that personally I've gotten into lobbies where we've all voted and where no one's voted and it still had the same outcome for me.  That was yesterday morning though, after a few attempts it's back to Zombies for me.


          Zombies runs flawlessly, and they say it runs on the MP servers, so why so many issues in MP?!?!

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            92. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

            an hour now this morning in lobbies, and nothing.  Played no matches.  just waiting, moving, migrating.  No matches.  wtf.

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              93. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

              I'm having the same Problem right now online and zombies takes long to load and find people and my PS3 sometimes freezes

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                94. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                I noticed (for TDM) this happens only on team deathmatch on regular core.


                Play hardcore team deathmatch and this is usually not an issue.


                If its saying it "needs more players" in hardcore, it usually fixes itself when someone backs out. Whereas in regular core, people can constantly back out and it just sits there.


                I usually play hardcore but I was trying to get some regular core time in to get used to the game.


                Good luck

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                  95. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                  Saw something similar in an earlier post, but my clan and i have come to the conclusion that its some sort of a host issue.  When your stuck at the waiting for more players, if the host of the room backs out, the match will start, has worked EVERY time for us.  If you have 4, 5 or 6 people in your party, the odds are higher that someone in your group has the host, and generally it seems, the host will usually start off with the party leader if you start off in a room with no one else in it, if you get dumped into a room with just one person waiting, that person is the host and the match will not start till that person leaves.  One way we were able to "Somewhat" get around all this is:  Party leader drags team into a NEW room (meaning that no one else was in the room when you got there), then once the room filled up and it's waiting on more players, the party leader backs out WITHOUT party, and immediately joins session...  party leader will not always get back in, and if he/she does, they don't always get back on the same team.  But at least you're playing...

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                    96. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                    so...this is still a problem i see?

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                      97. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                      if they think its the problem remove it till you feel its fixed

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                        98. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                        It's a room-host issue. Here's what happens:


                        If there is a full group sitting on "Need more players," if the one person who is host leaves, the game will migrate host, and then the game will start up. If there is a full room,including a party of six, and TWO people leave on the opposite team, leaving the room as 6 to 4, the host migrates....but because more players ARE needed, well...you get one more person in the room, making it 6 to 5, and it stays stuck on "Need more players" once more. Then the new room host has to leave to make things happen.


                        Whoever is the first in the room is room host. When they leave, the next first person that connected into that room gets room host. Host only changes once the game starts, finding the best host-connection for that game.


                        While the room is sitting stuck on "Need more players," whoever is host  gets to see "Searching for lobbies (0 matches)." This normally pops up roughly every five to ten seconds while sitting in the room.


                        Hopefully with this inforation Treyarch will be able to pin-point the specific problem. Thanks.

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                          99. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                          To add a little information, I was able to get a lobby to not vote for a map. I was the room-host of a completely fresh lobby. The room still ended up stuck on "Need More Players." Not voting is not a solution, and voting has proven to not be part of the problem in any way.

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