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    No Enemy Footsteps- Unintendned Consequences

      Dear Treyarch,


      I am having great difficulty coming to terms with the lack of sound around enemy footsteps in this game and how you are making a  downgrade of gameplay through unintended consequences. I'm all for change, but I feel like the inability to hear enemy footsteps removes from the overall quality of the game. Obviously if you almost completly remove enemy footsteps you are promoting movement on maps because sound is the inherent consequence of movement. However, you are also removing a lot of depth to the gameplay and removing the ability to protect yourself outside of the field of vision you have. I may be covering points that you've already discussed internally but perhaps I can share what may be some unintended consequences. For me and the other people who use their sound and positional awareness when playing this is removing a lot of the fun and quality of experience in this game. I might as well play with speakers instead of a headset at this point and if that's the case I will return to CS:GO or MW3.


      I can't help but believe that there are other ways to motivate or reward players for movement on maps other than removing the sound of enemy foot steps. The unintended consequences are pushing me and others I talk to away from this game.


      Do I sprint, run, or crouch in this situation? Where am I on the map, where are the last kills and what is the risk for an enemy hearing me? All of this does not matter anymore. I am no longer able to use sound to hedge my bets for where I am most likely to find someone. For example, previously you enter an area with 3 rooms/entrances people can shoot you from and if one is inside hearing range and teh other two aren't, you know based on sound whether or not you need to be aware of the within sound spot and you're now left with potentially only 2 spots to be concerned about and not the one in hearing range. If someone walks to the near area they deserve the kill with their tact and gameplay. But this is even greater significance in game modes like Search & Destroy - cat and mouse sound games for defuses/bomb plants and I'm sure I could find another 10 situations that have been changed through lack of movement sound. Change is good, but this change is removing elements of FPS that have defined them and created the depth of gameplay that keeps people coming back for more.


      This goes into the spawning on maps too. I push to the other side of the map and as people start to spawn around me I have no way to be aware of them unless I see them. I'm only asking to be able to hear their movement after they spawn so I can react or die accordingly, but as it stands right now I have nothing I can do unless UAV is up.


      I enjoy new games and at this point I'm ready to start begging for footsteps.



      A concerned FPS Gamer since 1999 (and even my noob friends are complaining about this.)