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    Does anyone feel an itsy bitsy teeny weeny hostile against treyarch?

      OK, playing for 3 days now, i've resetted my console 50 times, wich isn't very good for the hardrive. BUt apperently treyarch doesnt give a damn.

      Could you make the maps smaller next CoD(wich i most certainly won't buy) so that all the sniper weapons and assault rifles are totaly useless. There isn't a single map where u can get that nice sniper feeling as we did in barakka in MW3. Really really a pispoor job treyarch.


      Now for the dessert, the extreme lagging wich can benefit you or make u wanna kill someone irl. Most of the time i'm pretty fu ck in g sure that i'm shooting first in the FACE of my ENEMY, but he seems to absorb the bullets like dr. Manhatten and one shot me with a submachine gun. And many times the killcam confirms this. It's 2012 ffs, cant u make a new server that works or whatever ur doing with ur fu ck ing money.

      Treyarch isnt fooling everyone by just paintcoating the blackops 2 adjust a few lines in the scenery, no mont spend there.


      Nothing, absolutely NOTHING HAS IMPROVED in the game

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          Hmmm.  To answer your question: NOPE.  This is the first week's release and, if you've ever played a CoD game in the past, this was totally expected.

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            No! I had a choice of not buying the game or buying, my decision is exactly that MINE! This means I take responsibility for what I DECIDE to purchase, if your not happy then lesson learned!

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                My game freezes every 4-5 games. I have never turned off the game voluntarily, I normally just play it until it freezes and i have to hard reset my console. After hard resetting you need to restore the HDD which takes ages. This is potentially damaging my system, not to metion being a major inconvenience. This is the most broken game i have ever purchased. I have also experianced the "Need more players to balance teams" loop when playing online, where a it will NEVER find a game and just keep insisting that more players are needed. For some reason this problem only seems to effect team deathmatch (but i only really play TDM)
                Also it has been confirmed on various websites that updating to 1.02 makes the graphics WORSE by adding a blur fliter to EVERYTHING. Seeing the side my side comparison it quite drastic. (not to mention the fact that xbox graphics seem to be suprior to begin with)
                All in all, not very impressed. Love the game, but these issues need to be solved QUICK


                PS3 Slim 120gb


                Game seems to freeze most often mid-reload, but has also frozen on loading screens, creating an emblem, match making, ect.


                Have also experianced strange sound effects.


                I hope that we are compensated for this as atm the game is unplayable.