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    Calling Treyarch/Activision for a Refund.

      This game is unnacceptable.. so much that i have decided to sell my ps3 and move to Xbox. because i really feel that Xbox is the superior console. Ive fell for this 3x now. This was the final straw that broke this camels back. Who would i contact? And do you think id get all my money back.. Regardless of them saying they are going to fix it. Im done with COD... and the servers that of PSN..


      And apparently the call center is CLOSED due to high volume of calls.. "Please reach us by Email" what the **** ever..


      And before i get trolled or whatever.. ever since Monday.. Ive been iffy with this game.. and if you are going to come to my thread.. and say something like.. "relax its just a game" I realize that.... ITS JUST A GAME that i paid 84 dollars to just stare at the Lobby.. and i might as well get a tac insertion out and let the opposing team kill me.. because EVERY match im in, is a lag fest.. NO hits register... oh wait.. they do on my screen.. but when i watch the Killcam.. NO bullets ever hit.


      I advise everyone to call and try and get their money back.. DO NOT encourage lazy developement.. and thats exactly what this was.