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    Treyarch - you need to understand...

      We the gamers pay hard earned money for a video game that has a multi-million dollar franchise name attached to it.  We have given you A LOT of money.  That being said...why is it we cannot get you to give us dedicated servers for Call of Duty?  It can obviously be done (Battlefield for example has them).  In fact, you can even rent a server and set it up with custom game play on Battlefield 3.  Why not take advantage of this Treyarch?  We are sick and tired of lag compensating issues, spawn camping jack-holes and a game hitting our consoles requiring a ton more updates (i.e. only 4 hard core game modes?  Really?).


      I like Black Ops 2, don't get me wrong.  It is a fun game with a lot of great potential provided you actually listen to us and emplement the fixes we all gripe about.  If this is going to be the norm for COD, you can guarantee this will be the last COD I purchase.  We deserve better.  Thank you.

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          Totally agree with you, hardcore gamers seem to be second class citizens. You shouldn't have to be kicked from a game for accidental team kills, why not a time out or Ricochet. Or you join a bad laggy game from some part of the world so you leave or some of your party goes missing when you start and back out, then you end up on probation, (WTF).

          My KD really suffers with this game, which I can live with but yesterday I actually had a great game on CTF but in the final countdown some one took out my betty on our flag and I got kicked for team killing **@@##** losing everything.

          Also if you are TK'd it doesn't add towards your deaths, so why do you lose your score streak.


          I understand if some of these rules are to stop deliberate TK'ers or trollers, but we have the power to leave the lobby and use the "avoid player" in future games.


          Please change it to Ricochet or do a separate Ricochet selection and give more HC Modes.


          Edit: Even changing the TK limit to five or seven would help make it through a complete CTF with the extra round at the end.

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            "you can guarantee this will be the last COD I purchase"


            Your most likely going to buy the next one lol.


            It's blackops second day, so chill.

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              this game does not need rented servers, that one thing alone ruined Bf3, regular servers with modified score counts is fine.

              but putting power into the hands of a bunch of squekers with mommys credit card? not to mention the rampent boosting that will go on.

              rented servers are a horrible idea outside of PC gaming, and even then it gives power to butthurt idiots with money.

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                I just want the damn lag, spawns, and a playlist update for HC fans. Hopefully this time we will get HQ and it will stay.

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                  If you are so smart, why dont you make your own game? If you cant, then just stfu pls

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                      Glad to see such an educated response to my original post.  Apparently you have the capability of developing a world-class FPS video game, great give yourself a gold star.  As for the rest of us, we simply want a good COD that we can all enjoy without all the repetitive nonsense that has been on-going for a while now.  The players have spoken, the developers just don't seem to care.  So do us all a huge favor with your vast ability and get a job with Treyarch & Infinity Ward and implement the changes we all need so we can stop mentioning them.  Thank you.

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                      Dedicated servers? We'd have to play by stupid people's unfair, stupid rules and be kicked and not get xp. I mean common tons of rage kickers and noobs out there, and you want to play on that crap? Hell no.

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                        Ive been having some issues also with lag or whatever..I figure itll be tweeked ..Being put in a lot of lobbys with ppl from other countries..Its not nearly as bad as MW3


                        And ricochet was horrible ..Keep it the way it is

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                          It has been talked about time and time agian this game and the engine it uses is not really compatable with dedi's. Plus dedi's do not fix lag, or any other issue related to lag, they only really fix stat padding and host migrations. BF3 which uses ded's still has lag issues and all the same other issues that CoD does.


                          So no this game will not be getting ded's anytime soon on the current generation consoles. Maybe when the next gen consoles; but even then it is highly unlikely it will ever happen.

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                              it is bullshit, the engine they use is just a heavly modified quake 3 engine which is very compatable with dedicated servers. Now unless something they modified damanged the engine it still should handle dedicated servers quite well.


                              Now the pc version has a mix of dedicated servers, which run the games but use matchmaking to put you in the games. That either treyarch,activision or someone is spreading FUD about dedicated servers cause they want people to just give up on the idea.


                              Also consoles can use dedicated servers to play.SInce games this generation of consoles have used them.


                              Now I agree with you about servers don't stop lag issues but being able to connected to a well run dedicated server that is close by. Is a great way to minimize factors that increase lag, like the shitty upload speeds that normal highspeed connections are allowed.

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                              Also, wanted to mention...I understand this game just hit the consoles and the game is flooded with new players.  So yes, lag is going to be a concern, hackers are going to be present and frustrations are going to rise.  I see some people are against dedicated servers, that is unfortunate.  I have played BF3 and I have yet to experience a problem with having dedicated servers.  I don't get lag, bullet lines are truer than COD by far and I love the destructable environment.  trialstardragon says COD isn't compatible with dedicated servers, I'd like to know why...in detail.  I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work just fine.  Also, if people don't like playing on "rented" servers, you don't have to.  You have the choice in BF3. 


                              I get it, this game is new, has some bugs, but like I mentioned before...I like BO2, I think it's a lot of fun and has great potential once the wrinkles get ironed out.  Hell, if they were just able to fix spawn trapping I'd be happy with that! 


                              Good games & happy hunting everyone.