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    XBOX360 SNIPING CLAN | AstraEmpire | MultiCoD Sniping Clan

      XBOX360 SNIPING CLAN | AstraEmpire | MultiCoD Sniping Clan


      Created by two dedicated and experienced players and snipers, we are a new clan looking a group of good players to get our clan out there. We are supportive and the requirements are not to over the top. We a looking for reliable, active, loyal and talented Feeders and Trickshotters. We have began gathering Mw3 and Black Ops 2 Clips for a starting teamtage.

      Check out our Youtube Channel : www.youtube.com/user/AstraEmpire1

      Like us on Facebook : www.facebook.com/AstraEmpire

      We are also looking for Editors and VFX


      Please Fill:



      Applies to All

      Country and State:

      Current GT and GT Change:


      Can you upload to vault and/or youtube:

      In HD:

      What With:


      Editor, VFX only:

      What software do you have:


      Prove your skill:

      Player: Send us 4 feeds or trickshot clips with the clan tag aaee

      Editor: Send us your sickest edit

      VFx: Make us a logo and intro