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    Forum users are so rude towards Treyarch..

      Seriously, why do people come on here just to give out about EVERYTHING in the game? I personally love this game and yes, I do get lag. Yes, sometimes I do get killed an awful lot. But even still I find it really fun to play! The new scorestreak system is great so I can actually be rewarded for playing the objective. Moaning won't fix the game and no, Treyarch won't remove perks/guns EVER so STOP ORDERING THEM TO. If you're going to make a complaint at least be polite. Everyone has an opinion and everything but there is simply no need to be obnoxious

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          you do realize what a forum is for, right? It's supposed to be a place where users can voice their opinions and concerns for the game

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            i dont blame treyarch, i blame activision. 

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              They should start making the game free to play if they don't want criticism.


              The game is a mess right now for a lot of players so rude is an entitlement you're owed when you purchase a product that fails to deliver on it's sales pitch.

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                I agree with you and I think it's just sad to see all these negative comments.


                Personally, I love the game and I think this is the best one since COD5:World at War.

                For the gamers that doesn't like BO2 ... it really is just an improved version of BO1, so if you didn't like the 1st one, you shouldn't have bought this one.


                I also decided to stop buying Infinity Ward games, because Treyarch makes the games soo much better (I was actually not a MW3-fan). They want the gamer to have fun, instead of being 'realistic' or 'innovative'. Good job Treyarch


                BTW: they will fix the lag and connection-problems. This is just something that appears everytime a massive online multiplayer game is released. Hell, in MW3 you even died in one shot before it was updated, in Gears of war 3, servers had to be fixed, EA has to fix their FIFA-servers every year, ...

                The list goes on and on, but these are just problems the games deal with in the first week.

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                  Only my opinion but the biggest problem is not the game it's the community. There are so many complaints and everyone seems to want to have that precious high kd. YouTube has made this a must. There are very few you tubers out there that I think put the right message out there, the rest of them just promote kill whoring and high kill streaks. I really enjoyed moofdas tdm moabs, el matadors weapon guides and supervelous is always good to watch.


                  Too many love me love me videos out there.


                  Most things that people are complaining about now are the things that fix their complaints from last year. When I saw ghost was unlocked really late on I thought genius move. The stinger is locked almost immediately so I have a counter to uav open straight away. But that's not enough for people.


                  To me it's a shame because I think this is an awesomely balanced game and cannot wait to upgrade my Internet on Monday because my current Internet is crap and I know next week ill get a better experience.


                  Too many whiners about how they got killed and not willing to change the way they play and wanting an easy way to win

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                    I do agree that people should be more polite when they file a complaint here on the forums. There are a lot of ignorant bratty people starting threads. Even though I may agree with their opinion, I find myself resenting it for the way they bring it up.

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                      This game sucks, you stupid piece of ****.  You don't get any scorestreaks unless 'you' hide like the ***** you are. That's the truth

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                        most forum users are rude period to anyone and everyone

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                          Users are rude because out voices are going unheard and treyarch refuse to respond on lag comp, next patch, when is it coming, whats happening with the servers, everything, we want to know.


                          At the start of every COD its also the same things that plagued the last game are in this game, and its like don't learn, listen. 


                          Users are only this was because they are annoyed at how the devs are handling simple communication.

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                            Now I realize some of the rudeness can be a little uncalled for but you have to see where it is coming from. For most people COD is the greatest game ever (Meaning they don't play many other games unfortunately) and when said game is not exactly what they expected it to be they get extremely mad.


                            Go back and look at a few of the first threads on the MW3 forum when it was released. You will see the exact same thing. For the longest time I tried to tell people that if they had a problem in the game that they wanted the devs to know about and get it fixed that the best way to do it is to make a thread stating what their problem is and what they see as a decent way to fix it. Not cry like an immature kid who is throwing a temper tantrum. I eventually gave up because there was just more threads every day of people complaining. Only thing you can do is let it go and report them if the threads get to out of hand.

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                              Polite? LOL. These people have put out crap the last 4 years. They deserve everything they hear.

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                                because they're horrible. Black ops 2 has nothing ground breaking.. **** it reminds me of Urban terror mod for Quake 3... Yet it has enormous issues and serious connectivity issues.. Way to sell out a GIANT GAME THAT BLOWS!!!!!!!

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                                  Just like a sporting event, you pay the money for the ticket you can say whatever you want as long as it isnt calling for violence. We got fed all this junk about how this is going to level all other COD games and it the only thing that had been laid on the ground is this giant piece of ****. Its sad when you get on, and want to enjoy your time but are nothing but a feast for campers and head glitchers. Also when you have people that are so ready to get away from MW3 bc of the camping and glitches and hacks. Only to find out that you are limited on HC playlist. I think since HC players only got 1/3 of the core playlist. I think HC players should have to pay 1/3 of the price, seems fair right? But oh no cant do that because we cant lose some money for all the millions they are making.


                                  Also another thing, why is ghost unlocked at lvl 55, MAKES NO SENSE. Just like MW3 when the RPG was unlocked at lvl 80. So if I want to enjoy the perk I cant prestige? Or I gotta use a token for it. But unlike BO2, MW3 actually has a playlist for HC. Oh, wait lets not forget if we are in a party with more than 1 person HC playlist narrows down to 3 because it eliminates FFA. YEAH GREAT JOB TREYARCH/ACTVISION!!!! If I wanted to be screwed out of money I would of stayed with my EX!!!!

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                                    Hmm... If I gave someone 60 bucks for a shitty job, of course I'd complain and have them do it right again until I get my moneys worth. They made the worst CoD game to date.

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                                      Game is a piece of junk, how they could feel like they accomplished anything in the past decade would be beyond anyone, they disgress.


                                      Things to look for in a popular FPS


                                      Balanced Maps (This is no quick fix, this essentially is the "Game" and these maps are bogus")

                                      Spawns (One of the largest complaints to other pathetic FPS' and the spawns in this game are as if someone printed out a layout of the map and tossed colored darts at it.)

                                      Gameplay (Light saber mow everyone to death cluster****)

                                      Killstreaks (Highly creative, but not really, same old crap from years ago)


                                      GG Treyarch