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        30. Re: MP7 Most OP weapon in Game once more.

        I haven't unlocked them all yet, but getting close and I'm testing them all out a good bit. To be honest the MP7 doesn't seem like anything special to me, and I agree with the others here who say you're just noticing it more because it's the first SMG so TONS of people are using it by default, which results in more of your deaths being at the hand of that gun.


        In my use of them so far, I definitely think the MSMC is one of the best. The Vector I strangely liked at first, and now it seems to be shittier the more I try it. The PDW is pretty good, but I think the MSMC is basically a better version of the PDW. I'm very eager to try the Skorpion as I love high fire rate guns and that thing looks nuts on the fire rate. Here's what has been the ultimate huge surprise for me, and maybe it was just a fluke last night for some reason, but the Chicom is a ******* deadly beast. I'm the LAST person to ever use semi-auto or burst fire weapons because I'm terrible with them, but whatever they did with the Chicom it's insanely easy to kill with. The thing fires ridiculously fast, has tiny recoil, and when you tap the trigger it basically fires exactly like an automatic. I'm curious to test it with select fire and turn it into a full auto.


        I'm still not sold on it, as sometimes the need to keep tapping the trigger can sacrifice the other things you need to focus on, but I'm definitely going to keep playing with it and testing attachments. If anything it's a very fun gun to use here and there. It drops guys quick as ****.

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          31. Re: MP7 Most OP weapon in Game once more.

          This is why internet should be banned in our elementary schools

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            32. Re: MP7 Most OP weapon in Game once more.

            It's definitely not OP. I rarely get killed by it. It's pretty weak.

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              33. Re: MP7 Most OP weapon in Game once more.

              CFZ23 wrote:


              Not overpowered, OVERUSED is the word you're looking for.



              Maybe some gamers also think, that this new title is a MW3 map pack.

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                34. Re: MP7 Most OP weapon in Game once more.

                Gun kills in 6 bullets at long range, but everyone uses it since it is early unlocked


                "OMG SO OP"

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                  35. Re: MP7 Most OP weapon in Game once more.

                  I run the MP7 just because I'm almost at gold camo with it, curious to see how it looks. The PDW is by far way better, the TYPE 95 Ar is way better, most guns if not all are better.


                  Most run it because it's one of the first unlocks, crying about any gun being overpowered in BO2? You must be terrible. The end, thread should be closed, this guy should be banned from purchasing all COD games.

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                    36. Re: MP7 Most OP weapon in Game once more.

                    I thought the mp7 range was stupid on mw3. I field tested all the guns close range and the m60 lmg with rapid fire was better than the mp7. The problem was good players had an all round gun which was deadly. Dont think sub machine gun users have got the range with this new game, but even if they had, it doesnt matter so much coz multi level (buildings with upstairs windows overlooking large map areas) means you can take em by surprise anyway!!

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                      37. Re: MP7 Most OP weapon in Game once more.

                      The only overpowered weapon is the knife!

                      You can even do a knife lunge while reloading. Also some guns dont get instant kill with a headshot, pretty frustrating when you shoot a bullet in tha head a this guy knifes you.


                      For the guns i havent seen really overpowered guns yet...


                      I played around with the mp7 and its a nice gun for short range, but i would prefer the vector. In close combat is mp7 will win from an assault rifle. I play the m27 with that 3 shot burst gun in small maps. This works for me.

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                        38. Re: MP7 Most OP weapon in Game once more.

                        Bullets are OP plz nerf

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                          39. Re: MP7 Most OP weapon in Game once more.







                          P90 is a personal defense weapon.
                          Personal defense weapons fire armor-piercing rounds.
                          In the case of P90: 5.7 x 28mm, a custom round that is a hybrid between rifle and pistol rounds.

                          Note that it is DESIGNED to pierce bodyarmor.


                          MP5: The iconic 9x19mm weapon.


                          MP40: Was only good on consoles; On PC it dealt 40 max damage instead of 50.

                          9mm indeed.


                          UMP.45: As the NAME IMPLIES, it's a .45 weapon -- firing 11.5x23mm rounds.

                          The rounds are designed to reduce recoil and have more stopping power than 9mm rounds (at the sacrifice of velocity)


                          PDW 57: Once again, a personal defense weapon. Personal defense weapons never fire pistol rounds; they are made to be high capacity high penetration weapons with decent range and low recoil, with high rate of fire.







                          I would LOVE for the developers to make the distinction between:

                          Assault rifle M4, M27 (5.56 NATO and 7.62x39: Low caliber / low energy rifle rounds)

                          Battle rifle: FAL, SCAR-H, SMR (7.62x51 NATO: Full power / high caliber rifle rounds)


                          SMG: MP5, UMP (Pistol rounds, magazine separate from the grip)


                          PDW: MP7, P90, PDW-57 (armor-piercing rifle-like rounds)


                          Machine pistol: UZI, Glock 17 (Pistol rounds, automatic, magazine in the pistol grip)

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