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        Well this game is really good, it does seem to be a telus issue for us in BC. The dumb thing is, why can we use our internet to post, log in to live, fap and what not but cannot access any call of duty above MW2? My friend heard from his buddy that it'd take about 2 days is what he heard regarding the telus issue. 2 day minimum, now idk about you guys but I've had bad experiences with Telus and 2 days to them is more like 2 weeks. Keep us posted everyone, only helps if we stay up to date with whats going on since 3ARC isn't persuing the issue. Yes, 3ARC should be communicating with ISPs since it's a server connection issue more then likely.

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          Twenty minutes down the road and still havent been connected to support.... On the line with telus now... sorry guys, will keep you all posted

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            yeah i called telus support they said that they dont directly support xbox live and that i should call xbox, i said that xboox is working fine just every motha ****** with telus cant connect.

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              All my friends who have Bell, Rogers, Shaw can get online but all my friends who are on TELUS can't. This definitely seems to be a TELUS issue.

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                Also having this problem, Im with Telus in Kimberley BC.

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                  everybody spam call telusssssssss!

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                    im in bc and cant connect to black ops and or resident evil either.... i can access netflix... have three boxs, all access netflix none access the games... i put it wireless, i put it ethernet, i accessed router, put the firewall off, put the box in the dmz, allowed all, nothing has changed and i still cant connect, so it's not a port issue.... its a server some where whether the games or telus who knows....

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                      20:17:30 : Chris: Thank you, I will add this to our examples, we are aware of certain issues with Black Ops 2 currently, but reports seem to be indicating this is affecting multiple internet providers at the moment, not just TELUS. We have passed on our findings and our network support department is currently investigating any troubles we can find. Currently, there are no troubles found inside our own networks, but we are investigating other sources.

                      20:18:45 : Kevin Vo: According to the Link that i have given you for Xbox 360, and The Game Black Ops 2, Most users have commented and said Telus

                      20:19:08 : Kevin Vo: and Most of Them are From British Columbia

                      20:19:53 : Kevin Vo: i Do not think this problem is about Microsoft and Activision Because The Link i have given you only shows users who are having problems are in BC and With Telus.

                      20:20:04 : Kevin Vo: Majority of the Users are from BC and Using Telus.

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                        your telus box has the address on it to access the main frame of the router, use admin and the password on the router to gain access, go to firewall, try these settings yourself, holler back and let me know your luck if you get past it..... no internet service trouble shoots xbox... u need to pay for that service.... but they'll just tell u to do what i just told u to do if u pay for it so dont bother....

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                          20:21:10 : Chris: We are aware of some type of trouble occurring at the moment and our network support is investigating what the cause of troubles is. There is no estimated time of repair just yet, but we hopefully will find out what is occurring shortly.

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