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        It's just a ploy to make us buy an xbox.


        Damn you Bill Gates!

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          Here's some feedback..  That **** didn't work either...  Thank for the awesome idea, tommarrow I am taking this **** back....

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            Still having this problem. Play for 5mins wait for 10. Some people won't leave lobby.

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              I actually was starting to think they somehow fixed it.  I've been playing off and on since noon today.  Around noon it was horrible...  Couldn't get a game to start to save my life.  But for the last few hours every lobby I have been in has gone right to an actual game. 


              Either way, they must be getting closer to a full resolution.

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                Just remember the simple rule.   If Treyarch makes a game. Its going to suck compared to Infinity ward.

                Black Ops wasnt all that great compared to MW2, but MW3  is the bomb diggity, and still is. Very fun to this day to play. Especially with all these BO2 problems.


                Treyarch innovates, and fails on delivery.  Take the good with the bad.

                Infinity ward... well .. they are perfection,  but they also dont take much risks to make a major change in the game. Give it a week or so a nice patch will come down, and everything will be working like it should. Let the anticipation kill you for more, for a better working game.


                Honestly I think this is a XBOX ploy to piss off PS3 owners. A conspiracy theory thats very plausible in a business aspect.

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                  ELCOJOEBEL wrote:


                  Honestly I think this is a XBOX ploy to piss off PS3 owners. A conspiracy theory thats very plausible in a business aspect.


                  That's ridiculous. PS3 and XBox are about on par with each other globally: http://www.vgchartz.com/analysis/platform_totals/


                  70MM units vs 68MM units sold. No company, no matter how dumb their Board may be, would risk alienating such a huge audience with a purposeful business decision like that.


                  What would make sense is to axe Wii, Vita, DSi and the other platforms and just focus on the "core" platforms. But they're not doing that, are they? No, they want to grow their audience (and therefore potential revenue stream) as wide and as deep as possible. That's Marketing 101, and regardless of whether you're Activision, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Sledgehammer, Raven or anyone else, your desired end result is the same: make more money. Not chase off your existing customers or try to trick them into replacing one console with another - $60 is $60, unless you buy a copy for each system you own...


                  What we're seeing with these issues are more indicative of resource constraints. When you're a large corporation with 1,000+ employees, but your user base outnumbers your employees 20:1, you get buried whenever there are major issues, and sometimes even minor issues. I guarantee you that the "balance" issue this thread discussed is probably affecting like 2% of users on PS3 and 0.5% of users on XBox and 4% of users on PC, or something like that. So imagine when 500K people all start whipping out the pitchforks demanding justice while you try to troubleshoot 3 platforms having the same issue for different reasons... your 1,000 employees (only 50 of which are dedicated to customer service) aren't going to be able to react fast enough to please anyone. End of story.

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                    Well put sir well put.

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                      I don't believe that it's some kind of conspiracy but I am curious as to why it's ALWAYS the PS3 that has the most problems.  It's like they focus all of their energy on the Xbox and then the PS3 version is an afterthought.  They need to take some of those $Millions that they are making and hire some PS3 experts so that just one time we can get a game that isn't chalk full of problems for the first couple of months after release.


                      Another thing I want is for David Vonderhaar to be FORCED to play the PS3 version in non-local parties (parties made up of people across the country) where he is not the host for a month before release.  Maybe then these problems wouldn't take them by surprise.  I think they get locked up in a little Xbox bubble playing with people on a LAN and they never really test the "real-world" scenarios.


                      Seriously...  This happens every release.  You think they would know by now to double check the PS3 version to make sure that it doesn't suck.

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                        I am positive the problem is with certain players. I am also sure that I am one of these players. Ever since I've had the game I have not started a match from the beginning, I've only been able to play when I've joined late. My theory is that if one of these "infected players" is in the lobby, the game will not begin and the need more players to balance teams message will appear after the countdown has reached 0. Today I was in a party with my friends that only live a few kilometers away and the were not getting the same problem that I was having.Once we joined a lobby the game would not start. I was so sure that I as the problem, so I backed out of the lobby and joined their game. Of course once I left the lobby the match started immediately! With my luck I ended up on the enemy team, but that's besides the point. Hopefully someone finds this useful.


                        PS3 (of course)

                        Vancouver, B.C.

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