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        60. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

        if you're trying to play hc tdm or regular tdm, this has been working for me:



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          61. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

          Message: "Waiting for more players to balance teams"


          What this means: you will spend more time in lobbies than actually playing MP because the game is screwed up.


          Playing mostly Core/ Domination and when match starts the mode changes to Custom Games mode from Core even though I wasn't invited to a custom game and I didn't change lobbies. This has happened to me multiple times on day 2.


          Console lock which resulted in the PS3 having to scan all files for errors upon restart after hard shut down. I have had the console lock before in other games but never have I seen it have to do a file scan upon restart. After hearing that BLOPS2 may be corrupting hard drives, this worries me a bit.


          Serious lag. Once the seeming eternity ends and a match starts, I am rewarded for my patience by horrendous lag. If I had a dollar for every person I shot first and repeatedly, who then proceeded to killed me like I was a statue, I would have already paid for my Care Package edition in a few hours of MP. If you like fiction on a scale that makes earlier COD kill cams look perfectly accurate, watch a BLOPS 2 kill cam. You would think you are watching another match where everyone but yourself is 1-2 seconds in the furture. My K/D went from 1.1 to .8 in a dozen matches on day 2 because I was getting wrecked so badly. I may suck but I don't suck that bad.


          Why the game went from seemingly normal to epic fail in 24 hours doesn't make sense to me. I liked being on the good side the first day, day two was purgatory with eternal lobbies and lag. If they "fixed" something from day 1 to 2, they need to unfix it.


          The fact that BLOPS 2 MP is a fail after all the problems with BLOPS 1, forever damages Treyarch's reputation in my eyes. For all intents and purposes, the game is very similar to BLOPS 1 in graphics, feel, and game play from the gamers perspective. There is no revolution in FPS gaming here. Why the hell can't they get the MP right? I didn't own MW2 on release day but MW3 (and MW2) ran flawlessly compared to BLOPS1 and 2. Never had any issues so severe as I have with both the Treyarch releases I have purchased. There must be something to the belief that Treayarch neglects the PS3. I know the devs at infinity ward came out before the release of MW3 and said they were committed to making the PS3 experiece just as good as the XBOX and they must have been moved to say so because of the general beleif in the PS3 community that Treyarch neglects the PS3. It all adds up and there are 2 examples in a row of poor execution on Treyarchs part in regards to PS3 MP.

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            62. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

            would you mind sharing that on my thread, i've gotten some haters who are not convinced

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              63. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

              How does this explain the fact that after matches end and nobody has left the lobby, it still fails to start the next game? On day two, I could not play two matches in a row with any lobby, even if none of the players left from the previous match. That should mean the host probably never changed. If they weren't glitchy the first match, does hosting a match make a host glitchy? I never played two matches in a row with any lobby on day 2.

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                64. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                The Devs surely don't play this game.  Otherwise, they would know, first hand, as to whats going on? (I used the question mark in hopes that you would have the same Q on your mind.)  I've got the same problems as the rest of you.  I can play ranked with seemless success other than getting pumped by the classic shotty user .  Normals, on the other hand, are another beast .. I can join the lobby, but I get the balancing teams nonsense.  I hope that Chris Brown isn't playing this game at Rihanna's house .. That could get ugly!

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                  65. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                  Try not voting, ok but how is the entire community supposed to know this? I know this doesn't work because I hardly ever vote on maps anyways. About half the lobbies I was in today never went anywhere. The ones that I did were games already in progress.


                  BUSH LEAGUE.

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                    66. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                    Foxhound what I have noticed it does every time is that it has to migrate the host after a match to start the next match. The catch is that it won't do it on its own the host actually has to leave the lobby for it to migrate. So if anyone wants to play make sure your not the first person in a lobby do your not host and then be patient the host will eventually back out and it will migrate the host and start the game

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                      67. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                      i agree with everything that garage-father said:


                      1) PS3 customers have been getting shafted by developers who seem to prioritize XBox versions of the game over PS3 versions.

                      2) They have had 2 years to prepare this game for when it releases and there are enough bugs to make someone go crazy, especially the ones that freeze your whole console up and upon restart you need to do a scan of your file system to make sure nothing is corrupt, translation one HUGE bug that could ruin your ps3 forever all b/c of the lack of testing by Treyarchs.

                      3) From the looks of it not much is visibly different, aka no huge changes in the coding, hence why multiplayer should be working without any hiccups, not having users sitting ...trying to balance teams... WHEN ITS 9 on 9, 8 on 8, 7 on 7, ETC ETC, JUST START THE GAME!!. Another huge FLAW.

                      4) Collaborate with Activision and determine how they were able to produce a game which on release worked great, even the mulitplayer.


                      One good thing they did was they enabled 2 PSN users to play split screen on multiplayer while each was logged in to their own unique accounts opposed to someone having to be a guest of someones.


                      Any Responses from the Treyarchs

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                        68. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

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                          69. Re: PS3: Waiting for teams to balance.

                          This is exactly what happened to me last night. Only in Public match. Also, what's weird is that people in my friends list could join my custom games with out issue. Something is wrong with Public match.

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