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    need more players to balance teams    WORKAROUND SOLUTION FOR HC TDM and TDM!!

      NOTE: this has been tested for HC TDM and a little on TDM ONLY, your experience may differ!


      first let me say this does not fix the problem, it just saves you time waiting in the lobby aimlessly and gets you into a match faster. it is a work around, it works around the problem without fixing it.


      this issue is not a balancing teams issue, but rather it is a problem with the host.

      there are two problems, one you cannot see who is host. it could be you, it could be someone in your party.

      the second problem is that it can happen immediately again after a migration to a new host. this means even if it worked the first time and migrated it needs to happen again. basically any time you see "need more players to balance teams" the host hast to leave.


      people who join lobbies often leave because they don't know the issue is not with them.

      it's actually better for you to join a lobby that has this glitch going on because you can ensure that you are not the one causing the delay - it's usually someone from the prior match who has the host.  one thing seems to be certain: the match will not start until the glitched host in the lobby leaves.


      this bug happens frequently, so it could be that even you are the host multiple times in the same hour. dont be afraid to back out and start a new match



      you guys can help by telling people to start backing out one by one every 15 seconds when this problem happens.  the instant the host backs out it will "migrate" the host to a new host and the match will start immediately. and those who have backed out can just join another lobby.


      this is not some stupid attempt to troll. it has worked every time we've had people do it. one party refused to back out and we knew it was them so we out waited them until 2 of their members left. once the 2nd person left it migrated host and the other 4 had to eat words and add me as a friend