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    Time for PS3'rs to jump COD ship


      Just looked over at the Xbox forum and narry a thread about games being dropped/servers not available etc, It is painfully obvious who Activision values and cters to and it ain't PS3. No way- no how. Time to find another game imo.


      Btw- does anyone know why I can't reply to posts on other threads? I can "like" a post, but can't reply.

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          Weird on the replying... no idea.


          I noted the same thing in the XBOX forums... truly disappointing.

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            only bought this one due to zombies


            def gonna be the last cod i purchase


            still not 1 game played withouth freeze .. its also messed my ps3 up

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                Yep I decided lat night this is my last go around (I had already decided I was done with IW...)


                From what I have been able to see, I like the game but it seems to me they cannot get stuff right for the PS3 right off the bat as compared to our XBOX cousins (I had somewhat high hopes this time from what I read) and I am not going to buy an XBOX just to play 1 game series.


                I am sure 3ARC will fix this mess, but I am very unhappy about some of the business decisions that have been made (by AV??) which is turning me off the series altogether.

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                    I agree. I've tried to put off judgment for so long, but the fact that one version of their product is vastly superior to another (time after time) has pushed me over. I will ride this out, but I assure you, come next Nov. I will not be in any hurry to get what ever POS playstation port AV wants to drop.


                    If companies want to build cross platform and can't make the game equally relevant on all platforms, save everyone the stress and forget about making it for the PS3. I would be much happier without the option to buy, than to have some turd mountain shoved on me under a COD banner.

                    Would be like Halo, can't get it, don't care about it. Put COD there, can't buy it.... you get the point.

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                  No Clue on replying


                  I have a freind (aquaintance) who claims to be a turtlebeach sponsored player on the XBOX, i talked to him at Gamestop yesterday and told him of some of the issues the PS3 was having, and that i noticed the forums on the Xbox were quite compaired the to ps3


                  he stated that he felt like moderators were deleting threads as they were posted, on the xbox forums, that freeze ups, connection issues were happening there also, and that he had several friend who could not play the game yet......


                  But yes they do cater to Microsoft....Microsoft pays them the bigger bucks.....Sony could if they wanted to, but they choose not to


                  and as a building contractor, i myself cater to my higher paying clients over the lower paying ones,  but i at least tell them them you get the service you pay for ....... in our case Sony in the client that does not want to pay for better service for us the customer

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                      My friend who plays on the 360 had the exact same freezing issues we did on day one. But he played all last night with no issues at all.

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                        hmm... I wonder if this is true...


                        Maybe independent searches are in order.


                        And of course any business will cater to the highest paying customer; but it does not mean the lower paying customers get served a pile of dung and told it is ice cream.


                        I would be very interested in knowing if XBOX users are experiencing bad service as well (even if it does not compare to what we are seeing... are they seeing anything? really?)

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                        I have friends with Xbox's who say they're having exactly the same problems; but perhaps not on such a grand scale as PS at the moment


                        This will be an epic game once the issues are sorted out - which hopefully will be sooner rather than later - at least they're working on it, which is a lot more that IW ever did

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                          We will fight them on the multiplayer, we will fight them on servers, we will never surrender

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                            I waited and did not pre-order BLOPS 2 and it looks like I made a good descision on waiting .. I saw the writing on the wall with MW3 and decided to put my money elsewhere .. I will come back in a month to see if anythings changed, but I'm betting it won't .. It's probably the same as the original BLOPS - 6 to 8 weeks before they would even consider releasing a patch .. No hotfixes ..


                            I can't believe they bent over so far the way they did - ban from matches if you jump because of lag ? Seriosuly ?? LOL How stupid can someone get ?? I guess it's really working for them now, people getting banned when their console freezes all the time .. Bad bad console !! I'm betting the lag is insane when your able to stay in a match .. They really screwed this one up ..


                            Don't blame 3arch, it's most likely Activisions fault for sticking their nose in stuff where it doesn't belong ..


                            Peace out gentlemen, see ya'll in a month or so ..


                            Time to get ready for EOC ..