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    Honestly, what were you expecting?



      First of all, let me start by saying I’m not here to start any kind of war.


      My console it´s the ps3, and I have it since the release.


      Now, be honest with yourselves, think, and answer honestly, when did treyarch released a good COD game for the PS3?


      -WOA, for me, the worst COD ever.


      -BO 1, we all remember the frame drops, the horrible lag, the wash out colors, etc, etc. Witch was NOT ever fully patched.


      So my question is, why in the hell would you ever think this was gonna be different.


      Let me guess, you all watched a few videos on the internet, and thought; “Uau, looks good”.


      Of course it looks good, it´s on XBOX.


      The hard truth is, if you wanna have fun playing COD games (by treyarch) you have to buy a XBOX.


      Again, I don’t own an XBOX, I play on the ps3 (unfortunately).


      Have fun.

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          the launch to not be a hybrid of the launch of  MW2
          (not being able to join a game as a party)  BO1 - (server issues) and MW3 (DLC codes not working, server issues, matchmaking)...


          its like the past 3 releases got together had a 3 some and out popped BO2 multiplayer lmfao

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            @ the op -  No you don't have to buy an xbox from micro&soft. What you have to do is keep pushing game manufactures to spend more time on the PS3. You give up to easy and that kind of attitude makes america weak. Time to grow a set and fight for what you believe in.

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                Look at Uncharted, look at The Last of Us, God of War, Heavy Rain, even MW3!


                Its lazy development, if the game sucks dont blame the platform.. If they cant be arsed to make it work, dont support them. I think Black Ops 2 is heaps and bounds better than the first one, only problem at the moment is online, which will get fixed in time.

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                tugajimmcy wrote:


                Witch was NOT ever fully patched.


                I am usually not a grammar nazi, but you are the first person I have ever seen use the wrong form of witch.  I just had to point that out, sorry.

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                    I’m with you, no doubt about it.


                    The problem is, we have been struggling with these problems, year after year, and I’m might be mistaken, but I don’t remember seeing this kind of problems (bo – frame drops, etc) on the xbox.


                    I mean, every single COD game treyarch releases, I feel like the controls are so much heavier it feels like we have 50 pounds more that we should have, the game it´s not a smooth as infinity wars releases.




                    EXACTLY my point. Look at the MW releases for the PS3 and automatically I see and feel the difference.


                    That is my point, exactly, treyarch doesn´t know how to make games for the PS3




                    That´s because English is not my first language.


                    Want to try and speak Portuguese?


                    Have fun.

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                      unless he is calling the game something that should be burned or thrown into the river (lol)

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                      It is funny that we are talking two things here:


                      - Graphics, FPS and drops

                      - being able to play the game


                      2 separate problems... both pointed right at the PS3.


                      I like the game (BO2) but I think it will be the last CoD I buy (I am sure I will never buy another IW game again).