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    Missing Gamemodes

      So whats up with some of the gamemodes being dropped for Black Ops 2?

      Sabotage, Team Tactical, Mercenary, various Hardcore modes etc.

      Weirdest is probably Sabotage because its been in COD for 5 iterations now and Treyarch themselves went out of their way to fix it and make it more fun in Black Ops 1 and then for some reason drop it in Black Ops 2

      Was there any official statement on why they were dropped?

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          I'm doing my best to enjoy the game,but as i solely played dropzone i can't get into the other gamemodes.

          Even mercenary is a moshpit of everything instead of just tdm,dom and KC,and mostly all the time its snd and demolition,the two modes i despise the most.

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              Same here. I was a huge fan of sabotage... it sucks its not in Black ops 2. But why? Was it bc people were spawn trapping? If if was I been playing Black Ops 2 since i got it and on Capture the flag ( the closest game to sabotage with delay spawning) i have already came up against a team started to spawn trap... I mean by know and with all the $ we players have invested into game, i think by now you guys would have a fix to fix... And when i say spawn trapping i dont mean people camping here and there. Im talking about you Spawn get killed Spawn get killed Spawn get killed. Anyways... Will we get Sabotage back?

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                  Yeah I doubt it was spawn trapping, the only map that happened on was Nuketown, the other game modes suffered from spawn trapping a lot worse than Sabotage, probably because the spawn timer made it easier to break outof it.


                  If I was going to guess the reason it was dropped it would probably be due to 'low player count' which is bullshit because there were usually many thousands playing it (and still enough people playing it in BO1 to get a game no problem)


                  Currently trying to get a response on the matter from Vonderhaar on twitter but no luck yet, I suggest everyone message him and try and get an answer


                  I just can't get into BO2 without Sabotage, I just simply do not like any of the other game modes, which is a shame really.

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                      I'll jump onto this, looked for it last night, they've got rid of it and relpaced it with Hardpoint. loved sabotage, and whats up with Team Tactical, you NEED that in the game for people who want to train up before League or for people who want 4v4. Bring Face Off into the playlist too.

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                    Yeah drop zone is the only mode i play on MW3 be good to see that in BO2.

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                    im thinking and hoping...... they didnt want to spam the game with game modes that hardly have any players... (which is why hardcore is abit bear ATM - and yes i play H/C so am a little frustrated)  and by doing this they can see what modes the community are actually interested in and them add them in a few days / week (but knowing the history of this franchise MONTHS / NEVER


                    i could be wrong but we do need more hardcore game modes and others like sabo and team tact for sure to be added

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                      Well no update yet, been tweeting Vonderhaar/Treyarch pretty much everyday about these gamemodes and no response yet


                      Do they really have no time to answer one simple question?

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                        Hardcore got screwed over even worse lol.


                        the 4 lamest modes is all we got

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                          So still no word on Sabotage?


                          Nice Treyarch real nice, thanks for the support...