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      It is beyond the time to get rid of uav all together its been a whole day and its already becoming retarded as to how many people spam the uav. the levels arent that big it is more than easy to find everyone on the map!! it seems that the ONLY people that need the uav are the people that have been terrible at these games from the very beginning and the only way they can get a kill is just to spam a uav so they know the position of everyone on the map!! It is so pathetic, why not try to learn to play better and grab higher kill streaks?? But I guess Im asking waaaayyyy too much because it seems the average age of the COD series now is about 12 and its only a matter of time now before some ******* comes up with a bunch of stupid hacks to give the no skill players an even bigger edge!!! The online play of this series is just so ****** now that it makes it even hard to just say that I play COD. I cant wait for respawn to drop their game and fuckin crush these retarded COD's into the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!